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    boonie hat
  • BOONIE HAT: Soft hat worn while in the boonies. Click on the image above to go to our page on the Boonie hat which also shows one taken from an NVA on 8 April 1970.Coop

  • CVC Helmet
  • CVC Helmet: Helmet, Combat Vehicle Crewman - mostly known as a CVC.J.T.

  • combat boots
  • COMBAT BOOTS: Initially the U.S. Military issued standard black leather combat boots, which proved to be hot and susceptible to weather and rotted. The military then introduced jungle boots (shown above), which included cooler nylon-mesh uppers, and drain holes that allowed water to escape. The boots also featured reinforced soles to protect against the sharpened bamboo stakes, or "punji spikes", used as booby traps by enemy soldiers. Coop

  • DOG TAGS: Identification tags that contained the troopers Name, Service Number, Blood type and Religious preference. They where to be placed on a chain (chain would be inside a plastic tube to reduce noise ) and worn around the neck hence the nick name DOG TAG. I wore one around my neck and laced one in my boot.Mills

  • flak jacket field use flak jacket
  • FLAK JACKET: Does HOT and HEAVY sound familiar if so here is a more formal definition: M69 body armor, fragmentation protective, ballistic nylon vest with collar. Fielded in 1967, the M69 vest was an improved version of the M1952 flak jacket; the collar was added for extra protection. Coop

  • P38 canopener
  • P-38: Small can opener issued with C-rations. Invented during World War II; was made from steel by the Mallin Hardware company in Shelby, Ohio.Mills

  • poncho liner
  • PONCHO LINER: Nylon insert to the military rain poncho, usually used as a blanket, or a shelter. Coop

  • RACK: Bed or cot. Coop

  • ruck
  • RUCK: Infantry gear. Taylor

  • SP: Sundry Packs. Government issued care packages. Given out periodically by some unknown formula, to provide soap, tooth brushes, writing paper, envelopes, gum, candy, and cigarettes to the troops in the field. Essentially the stuff that we would have purchased at the PX if we had a chance to go to a PX, but since we spent extended periods of time in the field, these boxes of goodies would be delivered from time to time.Good   SP sundry packs were sent to units in the field they were for 100 men - 10 cartons of cigarettes per pack also soap, gum chuckles, hershey tropical chocolate bars, razors, shave cream and some other things. They came once a week. LT Zero  The Hershey's tropical bars were so bad, when you threw them to the Vietnamese they threw them back. Jerry Malan

  • steel pot
  • STEEL "POT" HELMET: Troopers received a standard issue steel helmet, which, in addition to providing some protection against shrapnel or bullets, often than not saw duty as a cook pot, wash basin for shaving or a chair. Helmets also protected valuables such as pictures from home, personal letters, cigarettes, and matches. The steel helmet was but a single part of the complete helmet. There was an inner liner (plastic) which held the web gear to size the liner to the trooper's head size (one size fit all) and then the "pots", which were heavy, completed the unit. Majority of troopers abandoned them in favor of floppy, fabric hats in the field due to hot temperatures. Most troopers personalized their pots with a wide variety of slogans such as the peace sign, I'm Short, and etc. Coop    Skee's photo and story

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