The day I left Quang Tri for the world, I went to the hospital to visit Jerry Malan who had been wounded. I saw him using a cane limping around the compound from the highway. I yelled to him. He saw me, looked around, saw the coast was clear, put the cane under his arm and did a little soft shoe. I laughed and waved goodbye.

Coop, A-17 went down about 6 days before I was to leave. Instead of being nice guys and sending me in for my last few days they put me on an APC that already had a full crew so I was just riding around on the back deck with an M-16. We went down into a big ditch and there was a big log at or near the bottom. When we got to the bottom the driver gunned the engine to go up the other side and between that and going over the log I fell off the back of the APC and onto the log with my back. I was hurting pretty good and was medivacked out. After a few days in the hospital I was feeling much better but was not about to say I was cured until I was down to a couple of days so they wouldn't send me back out. I stayed at the hospital for 4 days as I remember and I think Pineapple was going on R&R when this happened. Just wanted to let him know I wasn't hurt badly.

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