my job was to burn shit……


I don't know about who was doing what, all I know is that I was 11B10, an E-3 and my job was to burn shit with diesel at LZ Nancy....  I loved my job…..Wally

Wally, you did one hell of a good job. I heard all types of compliments on how well you

Performed. I for one really appreciated your dedication. Unlike some folks (Ha HA) that

Preferred to burn the shithouse down….. JOE BYRNE


Joe, There were no orders on how to burn the shit as far as I know until I took out Tops 4 holer with the gasoline.  After that they did.  He should have known better than making me do that with 2 days left in country anyway. 

Another funny thing about that outhouse burning...I had been in from the field for about 5 days and the day I torched it Bob Barrows for some reason was flying back to Quang Tri via Chopper.  He saw it burning when they landed and later told me as soon as he saw Top, before he had any info on how it happened, the first words out of his mouth were “You shouldn't have had Malan burning the shit."  Bob knew me pretty well by that time.  Malan


Jerry, I remember that. Top was so pissed he couldn't see straight. He ranted and raved for about 3 days. He was telling Don Bunch and me about it and we got to laughing so hard he got pissed at us. You had a lot of pet names after that.

Ha-ha...we're all  proud of yer', Jerry!!  ….Hank


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