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Historical Background: 12th U.S. Cavalry


Successful military organizations are solidly founded upon the pride of their soldiers with a strong sense of belonging to their unit and enthusiastic about its being their own...
...so begins the BROTHERHOOD

Because of other contingency plans the 3rd Marine Division had to return to the United States, and General Westmoreland asked for a mechanized infantry brigade to replace them. Army Chief of Staff Johnson approved the 1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) as the replacement.

1968 was unquestionably the most eventful year in the history of A Troop 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry since its activation in 1962. The year started off like any other year for A Troop; rumors were heard about Vietnam deployment but first things first. The Annual General Inspection was scheduled for February; A Troop received a rating of "Excellent". A Troop was official alerted for deployment to Vietnam on 25 March 1968. With only a 12 week notice, an intensive training program was initiated. The training consisted of 8 weeks of Squadron training followed by 4 weeks of Brigade level training. Essentially, what was accomplished by A Troop was to take a 10 week Armored Cavalry Troop ATP, increase the RVN oriented areas, place considerable emphasis on live fire exercises, and complete the training in an 8 week time period. Concurrently, the A Troop tankers were firing their Annual Tank Gunnery Qualification administered by the 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry. The training and ability of A Troop proved so exceptional compared to the remainder of the 1st Brigade, that the Brigade Commander chose them as the security force for his advance party. This can only be attributed to the aggressive spirit and cooperative effort of the Troopers of A Troop 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry.

Between achieving an "Excellent" rating on their Annual General Inspection and preparing for deployment to Vietnam, A Troop took time out for Civil Disturbance Training and deployment to Washington D.C. in the time fame of March and part of April.

After intensive training on small unit tactics and combined arms coordination A Troop ( 1st Brigade) concentrated its personnel and loaded its vehicles on railroad cars for departure to Southeast Asia in June 1968.

The advance party of 1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) included most of A Troop 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry (which consisted of 5 officers and 220 enlisted men). They departed from Peterson Field in C141 Aircraft July 1, 1968. First elements of the 1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) arrived in Vietnam 2 July 1968 and proceed to FABULOUS Wunder Beach in Quang Tri Province. The balance of A Troop departed with "Task Force Diamond" (1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), directly to Da Nang during 22 - 30 July, the second largest airlift in history (at that point in time).

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