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Gary Pflaster

Gary Lewis Pflaster was born on December 17, 1948 and joined the Armed Forces while in Paramount, CA.

He served as a 11B40 in the Army, and attained the rank of SSGT/E5.

On June 12, 1971, at the age of 22, Gary Lewis Pflaster perished in the service of our country in Quang Tri, South Vietnam.


Gary Pflaster died in a motor pool accident. While trying to seperate a section of track with a stuck track pin that had been driven about half way out, C 4 was used to blow it apart. Gary was standing behind the tank when the explosion sent the section of track back over the tank. The track pin struck Gary in the back of the head killing him. [Anon]

Regarding the death of Sgt. (E-5) Gary Pflaster I was informed he died during a bizarre motor pool accident. I had matriculated home in February of 1971 and therefore did not witness the incident. However, I received a letter from an eye witness that informed me of Gary's tragic death. Apparently, while trying to remove a stubborn bolt from a track on his APC, in our motor pool, Gary and his crew decided to use C-4 to resolve the situation. After the blast Gary, who had sought the protection of another vehicle that was parked nearby with his crew, stood up too fast and caught a piece of shrapnel in the head. Gary was immediately transported to the hospital but he never recovered.
Gary was a very close friend and confidant. We had planned on doing things together when he returned to the world. I had even committed to moving to California, where Gary lived, to finish college so we could be close. He was survived by his wife and young daughter. I will always wonder why Gary was chosen to die and not myself. I think of him often.

I was a classmate of Gary Pflaster (killed '71).  We played in the Paramount High School band together. Gary was one of the most inventive and funny persons I have ever known. I did not learn of his death until 1976.  At that time I had no idea that Gary had served in the military. As it turned out, we missed each other in-country by 4 months. For the past 27 years I have tried to learn the circumstances of his passing. Thank you for providing closure.

Terry Hewins Army, RVN 71-72


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