BUSINESS MEETING NOTES Saturday October 3, 2009

3:00 P.M. Hospitality Suite Crowne Plaza – Niagara Falls, New York

Meeting called to order by John Sharpe (2nd 69-70)


Reunion Unit 09 – James Rinaldi (1st 68-69) and Ken Dye (1st 68- 69) reporting an expected number of almost a 100 attendants this year (42 Troopers). Thanks all the individuals who donated items for the raffle.

Historical Unit—John Sharpe presented report, requested Troopers to submit their memories/stories/information for posting on the website please contact the Troop website

Commo Net-- Keith Eaton (HQ 69-70) requested that any trooper who wants to be on the Commo Net, or who is having trouble with the net, contact him.  He emphasized the importance of being on the net because of the information available that can’t be found elsewhere.  Jim Good (3rd 69-70) will serve as back up for the Commo Net duties.

Treasurer Unit—John Sharpe presented an updated financial statement, Bob Taylor (2nd 69-70)was unable to attend this year’s reunion.  Floor opened for discussion, no questions or discussions were required. Dennis Perrino made motion to accept Treasurer Report as presented, Neal Smith (2nd 69-70) second motion, and all present accepted the motion by voice vote. 

Newsletter Unit—Keith Eaton reported on the status of the newsletter and plans for 2010. Keith Eaton, Charles Cooper, and Diane Rebbec (wife of Bob Rebbec 2nd 69-70) will assist with the newsletter. January/February 2010 is the target date for the next newsletter. Keith Eaton requested anyone interested in submitting articles and/or helping with the newsletter to contact him (Keith’s contact information is posted in the Troop Newsletter).  A request was made for the Troopers to get more involve (family members of Troopers) in submitting information to the newsletter; to keep the newsletter interesting and up to date will require Troopers to step forward and get involved. There was general discussion with regards to cost of publishing/mailing Troop newsletter. End result, the Troop Newsletter is one of the main avenues of staying in touch with our fellow Troopers and we should continue to publish at least two newsletters a year and continue to maintain the high standards the newsletter has represented over the years.  

Troop Website Unit-- Charles Cooper had no new information with regards to website; other than to repeat the message from the Historical and Newsletter Unit Leaders “get involve”.

Roster Unit—Diane Rebbec, focus on maintaining contact with the Troopers that we now have contact information on. Do not let someone move or change their mailing or email address without updating the Troop contact list (Roster Unit Diane Rebbec, Newsletter Unit Keith Eaton, or Charles Cooper Troop email list). We are at the point of where we can no longer expect to locate large numbers of Troopers during any one year. The search for the remaining TNF will be a long, weary, and deader than live search.

Secretary—Charles Cooper (1st 68-70) Encourage Troopers or other family members to become involved in a Leadership role of the Troop. All  Unit Leaders would appreciate help within units and would look forward to helping other individuals to fill Unit Leaders Role. If anyone has interest please contact John Sharpe or any Unit Leader.

Chairman-- John Sharpe (2nd 69-70) Chairman; thanked James Rinaldi and Ken Dye  for all of their hard work on this year’s reunion and  all individuals who had help with Troop activities during the past year. John asks all Troopers to join in with him to make an effort to contact their “Buddies” who did not make this year’s reunion and encourage them to attend the 2010 Reunion.

Open Unit Positions, John Sharpe open the floor for nominations to the Secretary position - no nominations were presented. Secretary position will continue to be filled by Charles Cooper.

Troop Memorial Project—John Sharpe presented information with regards to status of Troop Memorial Project; Bob Schlitzberger (3rd Plt 68-69)  sent a draft of the plaque (which was being finalize at the time of the meeting). Once the plaque is completed Bob will go ahead with placing the monument in the Armor Memorial Park located at Fort Knox. Information with regards to time frame for placing of monument will be posted on the Commo Net and via email (updates will be sent out as we receive them). To ensure that we have your correct email please send an email to ; so we may keep you updated. 

Reunion Unit 2010 – John Sharpe (2nd 69-70) and 2nd platoon will head up the 2010 Reunion . At this point in time plans are to return to the Gold Coast. Plans are to have the Troop march as a unit in the Veteran’s Parade in Las Vegas, this information will be posted in the Troop Newsletter, Troop website, Commo Net, and via Troop email as new information is gather.

FLOOR OPEN FOR DISCUSSION with regards to 2011 reunion; at this time it is 3rd Plt turn to undertaken the Reunion Unit. Contact John Sharpe if you wish to take the Leadership role for the 2011 reunion.