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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 21:35:01 +0000
From: pleiku@comcast.net
To: trooper412@hotmail.com
Subject: message board

I found a photo of a Donut Dollie in one of your photo albums, address given below.

This is Susan McLean who is alive and well, and very active with veterans reunions. Do any of
you gentlemen remember seeing Susan on the particular occasion shown in the photo?

From: bradhallsr@comcast.net
To: trooper412@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 20:07:01 -0500

I'm the nephew of Mr. Alfred Floyd Hall who was shot while at a USO show in DMZ. I have other photos of my Uncle Alfred Floyd Hall if anyone would like to have copies of them please contact me, my email address is: bradhallsr@comcast.net.


From: solus2sail@comcast.net
To: trooper412@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:28:32 -0500

I've enjoyed looking through your site and being reminded of many things I'd long remembered.

I was with Co. B 1/77 armor through all of 1970 and we worked a number of patrols, sweeps and NDP's together.

I'm glad to be able to look back on it.

Thanks for your effort

From: phil.swan@united.com
To: trooper412@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:26:34 -0500

I served in the 4/12th at Fort Polk, La. Headquarters Troop ('84-'86), as a LT and learned and earned my leadership from Great Officers that keep the History of the Unit alive.  Thank you LTC Beck, Major Ross, and Captain Grasse for developing me as a leader!


Philip A. Swan

General Manager

United Airlines

Albuquerque, NM



Philip A Swan

Philip A. Swan

General Manager

Subject: PSGT Spybuck

I found your site recently and wanted to comment that it is excellent. I greatly enjoyed seeing it.

I was not a member of A Troop, 4th of the 12th in Vietnam, but was later when it was reconstituted at FT Polk in 1975, as a part of the newly
reformed 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized). When I reported in I was made the Platoon Leader of of 1st Platoon. A few weeks later my platoon
sergeant arrived, SFC Thomas Spybuck. Yes, this was the same Sergeant Spybuck from A Troop in 1968. He was an excellent soldier and just the platoon sergeant a wet-behind-the-ears second lieutenant like me needed. The two of us worked together for over a year, and he taught me a lot about being a good officer, a good leader and how to lead a cavalry platoon. He moulded the platoon into a cohesive unit that was highly capable of performing its mission. During our tenure, our scout squads took first and second place in the squadron in the mounted scout proficiency course, our rifle squad was first in the MISPC, our Sheridan crews shot 1st, 2nd and 4th in Squadron gunnery and our mortar crew was 2nd in mortar gunnery. I attribute all of this to Chief's experience and leadership. Considering that when we got there, the platoon consisted of mostly 11B10s from the Infantry Training Center, and we had no equipment, weapons or vehicles, and a year later we had successfully completed all this training plus platoon ARTEPs, this was quite an accomplishment. Chief was the main factor in making it happen. I still remember him saying at our first meeting, "now sir, if you just listen to me and do what I say this platoon will do just fine." Thankfully, I was smart enough to take his advice. He was one helluva soldier and one of the finest NCOs I've ever had the privilege to work with.

Chuck Wohlrab
A Troop 4/12 Cav

4/12 Cav Brothers,         I just returned from the C Trp 3/5 Cav Reunion in Williamsburg, VA. It was great seeing some of my Brothers I served with in 1968 Vietnam as well as Brothers that served before and after us. I trained in C Trp 4/12 Cav at Ft. Carson from Nov. 1966 until we established TO&E around Sept. 1967. I was transferred over to 1st Plt A Trp at that time where I remained until I got orders for Vietnam in Feb. 1968. There were 12 of us who trained as tankers in 4/12 Cav that ended up in 3/5 Cav- 8 in C Trp, 3 in A Trp and one in D Trp. C Trp crossed paths with A Trp at Wunder Beach as you we heading out on your first mission . Ya'll were quite a sight-brand new and all-total FNG's and we were ragtagged; we were rode hard and put up wet-quite a contrast!!  I noticed you have our defunct site address on your link page. Our new domain name is : http://www.3-5cav-blackknights.org/  and as we expand our link page we'll also be sure to acknowledge your website . I'm helping wth the research and development of our squadron history in Vietnam. Our wesite has a new look and over the last 1 1/2 years has been upgraded with information. We have located a lot of documents from the early days in Vietnam and are actively searching for the rest of the story. If ya'll have any documentation of us being OPCON to you or vise versa during those final years in Vietnam, we'd appreciate the input. The legacies of the 3/5 Cav , A Trp 4/12 Cav plus the 1st Brigade 5th Inf Div ( Mech ), and 101st Div ( Airmobile ) from 1969 - 1971 Vietnam are intertwined.Thanks,

Forest "CD" Myers TC C-17 3/5 Cav '68

From: Reid Brown
Sent: Mon 2/22/10 8:39pm
To: trooper412@hotmail.com

Hello to all and much respect for what you have done for the country. Well, the reason that I am on this board is to try to find someone who served with my father or knew him. His name was WAYNE RICHARD BROWN. He joined the U.S. Army in Nov 1969. He was deployed to Vietnam from June 1970 till DEC 1970. He received a purple heart in his first two weeks their. He was a machine gunner. He was involved in operations such as DEWY CANNON doing recon around Khe Sahn and Dong Ha. I have only met my father a few times in my life. He died 3 Aug 1996. I was 11 years old. My name is Reid Brown and I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force. I would really like to know who my father was. All i have is his death certificate and medical discharge records. If anyone would have any knowledge of who he is or where i could find someone that knew him please let me know. I wake up every day here in the service and think about what it would be like to know him. If anyone reads this please let me know something, anything. Thank you for your service. POW MIA. You are never forgotten. Thank you !!


From: macgarbz@comcast.net
To: trooper412@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 20:20:50 -0700

Hello Brothers, I meet ___?___ Rodriguez at Wawona Hotel last week, listening to Tom Bopp's piano music. I would love to continue our discussion about our service in Vietnam and Fort Carson and 4th of 12th. Mr. Rodriquez checks the website daily. He returned home on August 14, 1969. If your are interested in continuing our discussion let me know. I was a member of 4th Squadron, 12th US Cavalry before we formed the 189th in 1967 at Fort Carson. My best all the members of the 4th of the 12th and God Bless, George Garbarino, 189th Assault Helicopter Company, Pleiku, South Vietnam, 1967-1968 my email address: macgarbz@comcast.net

.......the man that came home with my brother from Viet Nam was "warren swinford" and I have called him my brother ever since that day.  I was 10 years old when Billy got killed and I don’t remember much.  My mom was dying with breast cancer; she didn’t live much longer after that.  I was living with who ever would take me in next.  Because my mom wanted to die at home and the dr didn’t want my dad to keep me at home and watch her die.  Thanks to some of the nice folk from our church who had 4 kids of their own and a 3 bedroom house, I went and lived with them.  Their names are DICK AND BETTY GOODMAN.  But I didn’t get to know my brother because he was soooooo much older then me.  I want anyone who can tell me stories about him and warren said that all of u all could tell me stories too.  He has told me some but I know that more of u guys can tell me some different stories.  Anyone having information about my brother’s old girlfriend when he was in KY in training would be helpful to me. PLUS IF ANYONE HAS PICTURES U CAN SHARE OR ANYTHING.   I realize it is going to be hard for me to hear but I am very curious to know some things.  And now I am a 50 year old in need of some answers.  I am writing a book about this and I’m not getting anywhere.  I haven’t chatted with warren for a while.  But I’m hoping I see him again before it’s too late.  I LOVE WARREN AND NANCY SWINFORD and I can remember when I and my dad used to go to their house after my mom died and they lived about 6- 700 miles away.  I know I probably was a bratty little kid but I didn’t have anyone or anything or didn’t give a care.  I lost my mom and my brother.  If nothing else I would appreciate it if I could meet with who ever is willing to meet with me.  I now live in OAK RIDGE, TN.  I would LOVE to come to one of u alls GOD BLESS U ALL AND I HOPE TO HEAR FROM ALL OF YA.                    






OLIVER SPRINGS, TN 37840kbaj3@yahoo.com



Coop, I'm glad that you brought that up. When Keith and I were at Don's funeral A Va rep came up and introduced himself to Keith and I and said that he had been working on a claim for him. He complemented our site and said that he was able to obtain some if not all of the information he needed He went farther to add that ours was one of the better ones he had seen.All in all thanks to all that have contributed to making ours one of the best.  Joe B.

From: Bruce Liebman

To: Message board

Sent: 1/7/2007 6:25:29 PM


I served in A troop, 4th Squadron, 12th Armored Cavalry in the 5th Division when it resided at Fort Carson Colorado in January or February of 1967. Lieutenant McConnell was the commanding officer at the time. Shortly after my arrival to the unit Lieutenant McConnell was promoted to Captain. We were doing a lot of field exercises and riot training during the months I served. Later that year I was transferred to another unit at Fort Carson. Orders were cut in December for me to go to Vietnam. I arrived "in country" the day that the TET offensive began in 1968. Several months into my Vietnam tour I heard that A troop was sent to Vietnam.

Bruce Liebman

Hines or Stefani If you read this please contact me at glnluc38@aol.com


first_name=Mike (The Kid)
I met alot of Great Warriors in Vietnam!!
Long Live The Cav.

From: Duane Krueger <Duane.Krueger@co.anoka.mn.us>
Date: 12/22/2006 8:14:35 AM
"I am attempting to locate a Robert Perkins who was in Vietnam in 1970. His MOS was 11E1T. His rank was SP4.
I have some books of pictures that have notes to him from "A" Troop, 4th Squadron, 12th Cav, 1st Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Quang Tri, Vietnam 1970, and personal photos.
The books were in a car bought in northern Minnesota about 1975."


From: Greg Canda, SFO
412Troopers@topica.com Sent: 5/29/2006 2:35:31 PM
LTeeF Frank Canda

Dear Honored Troopers,

First, I want to thank you for your service to protect the precious gift of our freedom.  On this Memorial Day of 2006, we remember those who have paid the ultimate price, as well as those honored veterans that have passed on since their days of active military service, yet still kept the mission alive throughout their lives and by their legacies.

On this day, I especially want to thank those of you who numbered among the friends of my brother, “LTeeF” Frank Canda.  His desire for you to keep the fire burning was important and his dedication to the brotherhood will always be remembered.

My daughter once had the opportunity to interview Frank for a class in school.  Frank told her of some of the “adventures” he had while in Vietnam .  The interview was recorded on a small mini-cassette, which was then transfer/recorded onto a PC.  The sound quality is not very good and portions of the interview were lost, but you can certainly hear Frank as he vividly remembered some of the aspects of his war years. 

He always talked with a light heart, despite the seriousness of the topic.  While he did not minimize the seriousness of the mission (with respect for the danger and the importance), he fondly dwelt on his personal experiences.

It is my wish that you proudly remember the good times and the good people who shared in the common mission of keeping our families safe and secure!


Greg Canda

From: CHARLES RUSSELL <charles.Russell@worldnet.att.net>
Date: 1/29/2006 7:52:14 PM
I check this site out all the time looking for new
info...those of you doing the same and have not been to a reunion must plan on attending one. It sooths the soul!!!!!!

From: Forest Myers To: coop444@earthlink.net Sent: 12/27/2005 10:46:16 PM Subject: Contact Roster Units
  When I recieved my orders for Vietnam Feb. 1968, I was a trooper ( SP4 11E20) 1st Plt. A Trp. 4/12 Cav 5th Mech. Inf. Div. Fort Carson, Co. I did basic training with ( Nov. 1966) Edward James Kalinowski; Robert Pat Ozment; and Raymond H. Trone. I was assigned to 1st Plt C Trp. 3/5 Cav. 9th Inf. Div. We were attached to 1st Air Cav. and based out of Wunder Beach. Aug. 1 1968 I was promoted to Sgt. E5 11E40 Tank Commander. That same day as we pulled into Wunder Beach for a long overdue stand down our Tanks and PC's and Ourselves looking the worst for wear. Before me there was what seemed to be an apparition....Brand new Tanks; PC's And All FNG's. Immediately I saw Ed Kalinowski and my old unit had had come home with 90 days service left. What an irony, an almost cruel twist of fate, and worth a hardy laugh. I haven't talked to those guys since then. I was pretty close to all of them back at Carson.   I have just resently started learning to operate a computer and discovered The awsome amount of Vietnam sites. I'm digging up all the information I can find on 3/5 Cav. and was delighted to find your very well done and complete site. I know that the 3/5 and 4/12 operated together after my departure. I always had a great deal of pride and also felt honored to be a tanker in the armored cavalry. I'm a Trooper alright...Forest J. (Skip) Myers aka. Mr. Clean or Chrome Dome. P.O. Box 21, Spicewood, Tx. 78669. Ph. 830-693-3659. Email forest@tstar.net...Website : forestwoodworks.com , Thanks,Forest Myers..

Stumbled on to the website while researching the Sheridan.  I'm just a Marine who is interested in the Sheridan and its history in combat.  Your website is outstanding and very informative.  I would love to speak with any Sheridan crewman who have the time and wouldn't mind.  Please feel free to contact me at the email address below. 
Thanks for your service,
Semper Fidelis,
GySgt Joe Muccia

From: Lo Crall
11/12/2005 10:49:25 PM Subject: Congratulations
Beautiful web site. I was surfing just looking for anything dealing with the fifth division (Iserved with Company C 1st BN 61st Infantry 5th div from April 68 till May 69. Your web site is a work of art. I see you have a reunion in Las Vegas. Do you have it is the same place each year? I belong to the Society of the Fifth Division. We have an annual reunion. It takes place in the city of the home of the President of the society. Congratulations on the great web site.  Welcome home, brother.

Darrell Ba Donk a Donk

From: Sam Hankins
Sent: 11/14/2005 8:51:54 AM Subject: MESSAGE BOARD
I see a post from fellow D Trooper Kevin Burkholder.  Burk, if you visit the site again, I hope all is well with you.  It's great to see that the 4th of the 12th is remembered and honored.  The memory of my days at Fort Polk are some of the best and most vivid in my life.  Thanks for the good work and thanks to all who served.

Date: 10/24/2005 4:10:19 PM

I want to thank publicly all involved in this year's reunion. It was definitely a tremendous experience for me. Over the years I have thought often of the gallantry of all the troopers who put up with so much stress and hardship. To have been a platoon leader was a humbling experience. I will always remember the good grace and tolerance with which so many young men accepted orders and guidance from one without much more than another year or two of age over theirs. Thanks again for all who have worked over the years to make this website and unit organization what it is. I had to leave the troop after being made captain and assigned CO of C Co, 1/77. That was a group of great men also,and a privilege to be the CO, but how could I feel anything other than A Troop was my VN home of record? Hank Gregor 1st Platoon 70-71


From: John or Billie Pollack
Date: 9/29/2005 9:16:05 PM
Subject: MESSAGE BOARD last_name=Pollack > first_name=Carl (John)

Great Web Page!  I have recently become more and more interested in looking back at my time in the 4/12th. Cav. I served from Nov. 1966 until Feb. of 1968 in good ole Ft. Carson. Anyone remember the night marches and getting caught out in a blizzard under Cheyenne Mt.? I'm looking forward to visiting this web page often. Thanks for all your work.  And thanks to all of you who served so bravely. John

From: Michael Harrison
Sent: 9/6/2005

it's been 35+yrs, was with the original group of men that went over to viet nam-today I had the pleasure and honor of meeting with Lt Bill McShane and spending time discussing the past and catching up with the present.

From: art kinney Sent: 7/21/2005 9:18:43 AM

It was great to find your site and to see the insignia...what a thrill. I served with the 4/12 Cav in the 1st Bde of 5th Infantry Division (Mech.) at Fort Carson in 1965-66. We were located across from the Cheyenne Shadows Club. Remember all my service buddies I was with and enjoyed my basic training with the unit After graduation I went on to the 5th Admin Company of 5th Division at Fort Carson. Later ending up in the 7th Engineer Company of the 5th Infantry Div. (Mech.) Again thanks for the memories and the great work you did.

From: Pletcher, Jeanne Sent: 6/3/2005 12:19:07 PM
I am Frank's cousin, Jeanne Pletcher (nee Canda) and I found this site through a link in the Guestbook associated with Frank's obituary.  My visits to Cleveland were few and far-between once my husband (and I) joined the Air Force in 1971, and therefore I seldom saw Frank as an adult.  I am honored to know that he served his men so well. Your stories have brought to me and my children, a picture of the man I never knew. Your kind words have touched me, and filled my heart with love and pride. Thank you so very much! --Jeanne_Pletcher

Original Message] > From: Loehr, Tom Date: 5/18/2005 12:44:48 PM >

Welcome home Brothers.  Big Al's photo of the Donut Dolly at Cau Viet, March 31, 1970 brings back a fond memory as I remember meeting her and falling madly in lust.  I was at Cau Viet at the same time on a 4.2' mortar crew stuck in a sand dune, out in the middle of nowhere.  You guys must have seen my track there because y'all were flashing finger gestues at us all the time.  We had built a lean to out of ammo boxes and plywood that looked like crap, hence, your laughter!  Still a couple of pics of a Sheridan and an M-113 racing by.

Just found the website and I'm enjoying the stroll through memory lane. I was amazed, after many years of no contact, how easily the names came back and the memories along with them. Thanks for the efforts to put this site together. Will look forward to future updates. I went to Nam with the Atrp 4/12th 3plt '68, then was transferred with several others in '69 to the 11th Armored Cav. My best wishes to all who served and are now serving. Former SSG Terry D. Harries


Your web site help bring back a lot names and memories of those that have a special place in my mind and soul. My name is Earnest G. Roland ,3rd Herd 68-69. Again, thanks for the memories .  

Rec'd 02-01-2005

Enjoyed reading the history of the 12th Cav.  I did my Basic Training and AIT with C Trp. 4th/12th at Ft. Carson from Dec. 1965 to May, 1966.  Many of us were sent to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment at Ft. Meade to ready for deployment to Vietnam in August, 1966.  I still have my first letter home letting my folks know I arrived safely at Ft. Carson.  My Thanks to all who served and sacrificed in Freedom's name.

Larry Burwick

Rec'd 12-16-2004

I just ran across your webiste and wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on it!I served with the 12th Cav for a year at Carson as part of the 5th and then 4th ID. Nice to see someone remembers the 12th. I served with the 11th in RVN in 69-70.

Bruce Belton G TRP 2/11 ARC

My name is Doug Farmer I am Thomas H. Farmer's younger brother. Tom died
June 8, 1971 after the tank he was in hit a land mine.  I was 17 and in the Marine corps at that time. I am now 51 and I just found this
website with Tom's picture and paragraph how he was killed.  It hurts but I think it's
best too know these things. Now I can tell my sister that doesn't remember Tom
what happened to her big brother that never came home.
Thank You Buddy Puryear
hopefully someone will read this
Doug Farmer  ( adfarmer812@aol.com )

Rec'd 7/18/2004

Want to let you guys know how much I enjoyed your web site.  Worked several times with you guys.  Plus, before i went to Nam, I was with F trp 15th Cav at Ft. Carson, which was taking you guy's place with the rest of the 4/12

Bob Rodriguez C trp 3/5 Cav Dong Ha 70-71

Rec'd 4/29/2004

Great site, I served in the 4/12th (D Troop) from 84-85 in
good ol' Fort Polk. Enjoyed reading the history, thanks to all that served in

Kevin Burkholder

Date 1/14/04


Hi, my name is Sandra and I am writing for my uncle, Thomas Landon Jones , who was in the 4th Squadron, 12th Calvary, 1st Brigade in the 5th Division . This was during July 68' to June/July 69' . He asked me to find more about the reunion and I agreed. After I started looking on this website, it got me interested. I was hoping someone could email me if they remember my uncle and let me know more about it, and to see if they had pictures during the time he was in... Thank you... Sandra ...Please email me at: Sandito85@aol.com

Rec'd 02/16/2004


 I recently stumbled across your web page for A Troop.  I did not serve in Vietnam but I did have the honor to command A Troop from 1985 to 1987 while stationed at Ft Polk.  We proudly displayed on our guidon the 2 Battle Streamers earned by A Troop in Vietnam.


Mark O. Grasse, CISSP, CISM
Director, Special Projects
Operational Integration Center
Syracuse Research Corporation
14685 Avion Parkway, Suite 410
Chantilly VA, 20151

Rec'd 12/13/2003

I was detached from Head and Head, 3/5 Cav as a medic July though September 1971. I rode with Sgt. Dennis Ganzel "herbie", TC on the scout track, along with Sgt. Bob Kearns, and Butch Johnson. We saw action in the backyard and west of Firebase Jack. Sorry I missed the entire show. Would like to hear from anyone.

daniel lightfoot

Rec'd 11/08/2003
I am working on a project about my year in Viet Nam. I would like to have some photos and stories from the troopers I was with. My name is Ken Pennington. I was with the third herd from sept 13 1970 -sept 13 1971.


I was glad to read the history of the 12th Cavalry. I was a scout in B Troop at Fort Carson from March 1962 until December 1963. I am proud to have been a member of the 12th Cavalry.
Bernard Sheridan

I was in 4/12th in 76-79 it was a bad time for the military and the perfect place for a punk like me. It was defiantly a growing experience for me. I was happy to see this site, which brings out the history of my old unit. Does anyone know if its still around? Boy, Ft. Polk sure was a steamy armpit.
Scott Kincaid

From: Pauline Cusick
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 7:41 PM
I am looking for anyone who served with my late brother SFC George McGrogan. He was in A Troop, 4th Sqdn, 12th US Cav, 1st Bde. 5th Inf. (Mech) and I believe he served '68 - '69. He would never discuss his tour over there, and I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knew and served with him. I have many questions to ask regarding his medals, which include the Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster (I believe that is correct) and the Purple Heart. I would like to know the circumstances regarding these medals if it is at all possible. Thanks to anyone who can help. God Bless all our Vets!!
Pauline (McGrogan) Cusick

From: "Mike London"
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 8:03 PM
What a great site this is. I just wanted to say that I was one of the men that replaced the men that were sent to the 11th ACR. I went from the 11th to the 12. I also have a picture of that huge snake in my possession. I took the picture after the snake arrived back at base camp.

From: "Bill Starr"
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 3:11 PM
I recall A/4/12 clearly from 1969.....I served with 1/61....HHC, A and C Companies. Best wishes to all in A/4/12!!!

From: Crystal S.
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2002 12:35 PM
Subject: Donald Knutty Sr.
I love the website I have been able to learn a lot about my father since he has joined we have cried and laughed together about things he could never talk about before you are doing a great service to the men and families Thank you.

From: "Alan Snyder"
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 5:29 PM
To all of us who died and served with the Cav.in Nam., I believe that all of us should be commended for a job well done.( Long Live The Cav. )

Re: Monte Stamm, KIA
Hi, my name is Ashley and I am the niece of Monte Lewis Stamm, who served with you. I am writing a paper for my Senior Seminar class in college covering his letters home and how the Vietnam war shaped America and American lives. If any of you have any remembrances of my uncle, PFC Monte L. Stamm, please forward them to me . I would very much appreciate it! Thanks for everything you have done on this website, it provided my family with a side of the story we had never heard before. God Bless.

Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 4:21 PM
I was with 2nd platoon oct 69 until about July 70.I knew your Dad, Amanda. He was and I'm sure, still is a good man. I like the thought of our children getting a chance to know what we did. It seems easier to let them read about it here, than tell them about it. Good luck, it was nice to hear from you. Anybody else out there from 2nd platoon?
John White

Tuesday, August 20, 2002 10:53 PM
The site is wonderful and really is a good way to share the experiences you men went through. As the daughter of a 4/12 member (Bob Rebbec), I value this resource as a way to understand exactly what my father went through. I know my generation will never fully understand what went on, but I appreciate having the opportunity to try. Thank you, and God bless.
Amanda Bemis

Friday, August 16, 2002 1:18 PM
I salute you and your service to our country.
Great site.
LTC, ADA retired

Friday, August 02, 2002 8:01 PM
Was doing research on the net. I was with the 4/12th Cav June 1970-June 1971. Spent time around Alpha4 and Charlie2, Dong Ha and did LamSon 719. Was on the LT's track 1st platoon. Would like to hear from you if you were around during this time, send me a Sit-Rep.
Walt Ferguson

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