Jim Good's Slides    1969 70 by jim good
Jul 14, '01 12:00 AM
Photos #: 46
http://msn-jim "1 — Bi Long Valley, TF 1/77 Armor.   Tank silhoutted against a fire..jpg","During the large operation we went on through the Bi Long Valley in the summer of 1970.   The grass fire got near the perimeter.   No idea what tank this was."
"2 — Lonnie Roland & Dennis Patrick cleaning up, Cav style..jpg","None given"
"3 — Party Hearty!   EM Club, A 4/12 area, Quang Tri Combat Base 1970.jpg","None given"
"4 — USAF OV-10 Bronco FAC,   Quang Tri airfield.   Call sign ""Barkey"".jpg","None given"
"5 — Where's Elmo.   ACAV ""busting jungle.jpg","None given"
"6 — Have gun will travel..jpg","None given"
"7 — Bustin Jungle.jpg","None given"
"8 — The Cav at work.   Driving around looking for someone to kill..jpg","None given"
"9 — Grunts and tanks in the Ba Long Valley, TF 1/77 Armor, 1970.jpg","None given"
"10 — Grunts getting ready for a sweep..jpg","None given"
"11 — Tanks & Tracks, TF 1/77 Armor, Ba Long valley 1970.jpg","None given"
"12 — Cua Viet Navy Base, early 1970.jpg","None given"
"13 — Navy PBR (Patrol Boat River).   Cua Viet River..jpg","None given"
"14 — Daddy Darnell.jpg","L to R:   Bub Pollett, Jerry Darnell, Lonnie Roland, and Junior Bettis.   Darnell had just found out that his wife had delivered another baby, and someone got a bottle of bourbon to celebrate the event.   Bub is holding the bottle like a baby.   Cua Viet, early 1970."
"15 — Four Tankers, 3rd Platoon, A 4/12 at Quang Tri Combat Base.jpg","L - R Patrick, Lea, Roland, Bettis"
"16 — Grungy Tankers.   America's Finest!.jpg","L - R   ""John Wayne,"" Unknown, Bettis, Patrick, Good"
"17 — Morris Smith & Nick Casaras.jpg","None given"
"18 — Hooches along QL1, north of Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"19 — Local Kids.   ""Hey GI, you souvineer me C-Rations?!?!?!?"".jpg","None given"
"20 — Kid with a cigar in his mouth, near Mai Loc..jpg","None given"
"21 — Local Kids.jpg","None given"
"22 — Dennis Patrick & local kid.jpg","None given"
"23 — Spirit House.jpg","None given"
"24 — Hot chow & mail.   The daily ""log run.jpg","None given"
"25 — Hero for a day.   Awards ceremony in Quang Tri..jpg","None given"
"26 — A-38.   Combat loss from mine.   Good & Lea got Purple Hearts..jpg","None given"
"27 — Mine crater from A-38..jpg","None given"
"28 — Ka-BOOM!!!!!.jpg","We were always finding dud artillery rounds and blowing them in place so Charlie couldn't use them to make mines.   One day the Third Platoon found a big assed bomb.   Like a 750 pounder or something.   Maybe bigger.   We didn't want to do a half-assed job and just destabilize the bomb, so we had them send out an EOD Team.   Explosive Ordnance Disposal.   Two mental cases with a bunch of expertise in making things go boom.   They blew it in place, while we listened to the shrapnell fly over our heads.   Life in the Nam.   What an adventure!"
"29 — Bullshit, pose.   Jim Good w/French 9MM & waterbuffalo bone..jpg","None given"
"30 — Stuck Tank.jpg","None given"
"31 — another stuck tank.jpg","None given"
"32 — A 4/12 base camp, Quang Tri Combat Base, RVN -- Home Sweet Home.jpg","None given"
"33 — A 4/12 A.O. in Quang Tri Combat Base.jpg","None given"
"34 — Cobras.   Landing at that little LZ behind the Cav's motor pool..jpg","None given"
"35 — Cam Lo.   Just passing through..jpg","None given"
"36 — A 4/12 A.O. in Quang Tri.   Band Stand.jpg","None given"
"37 — Water Buffalo powered farming.jpg","None given"
"38 — The Back Yard, southwest of Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"39 — Guess who's coming to dinner.   The brigade commander's chopper..jpg","None given"
"40 — NDP.jpg","None given"
"41 — Scout Chopper over the river south of Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"42 — Bettis, Lea, & Henderson.jpg","None given"
"43 — Third Platoon Scouts.jpg","None given"
"44 — Village east of Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"45 — Orderly room, TOC & supply room in Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"46 — Quang Tri City, near the bridge.jpg","None given"
Tags: From slides taken by Jim Good, 3rd Plt. A 4/12, 1969-70.