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There are several version of Challenge Coin Rules, the Troop does not have any official Challenge Coin Rules. This information is provide as a general understanding of how the Challenge Coin may be used.
A "Coin Check" consists of a Challenge and a Response.
1. The challenge is initiated by drawing your coin, holding it in the air by whatever means possible and state, scream, shout or otherwise verbally acknowledge that you are initiating a coin check. Another, but less vocal method is to firmly place it on the bar or table (this should produce an audible noise which can be easily heard by those being challenged.
2. The response consists of all those persons being challenged drawing their coin in a like manner.
3. If you are challenged and are unable to properly respond, you must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and the group being challenged.
4. If everyone being challenged responds in the correct manner, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for all those people they challenged.
Once again, there are many rules / guidelines / policies with regards to Challenge Coins.  For example: If you accidentally drop your coin and it makes an audible sound upon impact, then you have just "accidentally" initiated a coin check. The rules apply to those clothed or unclothed; at the time of the challenge you are permitted one step and an arms reach to locate your coin. If you still cannot reach it--- SORRY ABOUT THAT!
Once again, the Troop does not have any official Challenge Coin Rules. We tend to march to the beat of our own drum.





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