Walker Album by don
Jul 29, '02 12:00 AM
Photos #: 56
Tags: "1 — Don, Wally and Big Daddy.jpg","Do you think we got enough ammo."
"2 — Come on Wally it's good for you..jpg","Chow time with the guys."
"3 — In the boonies on the 1st platoons command track..jpg","Where the heck are we does anyone really know."
"4 — Mine damage to 1st platoon tank..jpg","Is this a flat tire or are we just haveing a bad day."
"5 — Down town somewhere..jpg","A major city I think according to dink standards."
"6 — River scene.jpg","How about a nice dip in the river."
"7 — Mine sniffer.jpg","Why don't you go find some bad guys."
"8 — LZ Nancy.jpg","Nice place to visit but I don't think I want to live there."
"9 — Sniper Tom.jpg","The man, the mith, the legon he's Sniper Tom."
"10 — Group Portrait.jpg","The picked on the wrong guys, now it's time for a body count."
"11 — Head ache.jpg","Got an Asprin Joe."
"12 — 3 amego's.jpg","The Californai Kids."
"13 — Pinapple.jpg","Mr. Kool, I'm going back to Hawaii."
"14 — Barge.jpg","River barge has lots of fire power."
"15 — Barge 2.jpg","One of the many weapons on the river barge, boy I wish we had one of these on our track.   It's a belt fed grenade launcher."
"16 — Barge 3.jpg","20 mm machine gun on the river barge."
"17 — Buff.jpg","Do you think anyone will notice?"
"18 — Kool.jpg","Looking Good."
"19 — Crossing.jpg","Will this thing float?"
"20 — DMZ TOURS INC..jpg","Interested in travel arrangements?"
"21 — Down time.jpg","Pulling maintenance back at the LZ."
"22 — Dynamic Duo.jpg","Peter Rabbit and Super Sport"
"23 — Good Times.jpg","Just having a smoke, don't get excited."
"24 — Hi GI.jpg","You want boom, boom GI."
"25 — Home Base.jpg","LZ Nancy"
"26 — Houch Repair.jpg","Taking care of the houch."
"27 — Lazy.jpg","Just taking in a little sun."
"28 — Local Girls.jpg","Some of the local girls."
"29 — Looking.jpg","Tower guard duty."
"30 — Lost.jpg","Tall grass."
"31 — Lt. Gregor.jpg","Lt. Gregor"
"32 — M-60.jpg","Step into my cross hairs, please."
"33 — 50 Cal.jpg","Me on the 50 with an SP155 in the back ground."
"34 — Tom, Wally and I.jpg","Back again by popular demand."
"35 — Mine 2.jpg","Damage to Sheridan by mine."
"36 — Morning after.jpg","The morning after a fire fight."
"37 — one of the guys.jpg","Just one of the guys"
"38 — Big Gun.jpg","One of our big guns."
"39 — Ski Boat.jpg","A ski boat with just a few extra's."
"40 — Scout.jpg","One of our scouts that helped us."
"41 — Sgt. B.jpg","Here's a couple of tough guys."
"42 — Navy ship on river.jpg","The Navy was there to."
"43 — Smokum.jpg","I have just the item's your looking for Joe."
"44 — Sp-155.jpg","Artillery like the one here SP-155 provided much needed support for everyone."
"45 — Sunken Navy ship.jpg","The dinks even mined the rivers as you can see here my the sunken Navy ship."
"46 — The Tower.jpg","Pulling guard duty in the tower was ok but it's a tall latter to climb."
"47 — Tom & Don.jpg","Here's Sniper Tom and me."
"48 — Trippin.jpg","I must have been loaded when I took this picture but it's not all that bad, ya think.   Far out man."
"49 — Wally at the 50.jpg","Here's a great picture of Wally in action."
"50 — What hit him?.jpg","Here is a Dink that isn't looking to healthy."
"51 — Wrong turn..jpg","Don't worry he didn't run off the road he was making his own road, ooops I zigged when I should have zagged."