"1 — Steve Quigley and Buddy Puryear.jpg","None given"
"2 — Me and wonder scout dog Patches at the ""Z"".jpg","This was taken of me at Alpha 4 at the DMZ, 1970"
"3 — Buddies at Alpha 4.jpg","Left to right: Don Glenn, Buddy Puryear, O. J. and Steve Quigley"
"4 — On Patrol at Alpha 4.jpg","None given"
"5 — Foot Patrol at The ""Z"".jpg","None given"
"6 — Donut Dolly at Alpha 4.jpg","None given"
"7 — Bunker Duty at Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"8 — Quang Tri: A Troop Hilton Inns.jpg","None given"
"9 — Quang Tri: Luxurious Rooms.jpg","None given"
"10 — At the Cross in the A Troop Compound.jpg","I am on the first row second from the left"
"11 — Beautiful tropical Quang Tri in the monsoon season.jpg","None given"
"12 — Track 12.jpg","Driver Larry Phillips (right side in picture) doing a little personal hygene"
"13 — Hooch Maid for Scout 1 Barracks.jpg","None given"
"14 — Scout 1 world famous exotic fan dancer and mamasan hooch maid.jpg","The world famous exotic fan dancer/hooch maid is to your right -- not left!"
"15 — The ""Rockpile"" at Khe Sanh.jpg","Rockpile at Khe Shan.jpg"
"16 — Digging in at Khe Sanh.jpg","None given"
"17 — Looking pretty at Khe Sanh.jpg","I think we were out in the bush for 90 days when we left Quang Tri for Khe Sanh."
"18 — NVA KIA at Khe Sanh.jpg","This Charlie's unit hit a LRRP team and we had to reenforce them.   The LRRP team lost 2 KIA and we lost 1 KIA.   One of the LRRP's was a friend of mine who had extended and was about to rotate home in 60 days.   I lost several friends at Khe Sanh.   This Charlie did not make it home either   Our unit got him in a fire fight when we arrived to extract the LRRPs."
"19 — Al Law and Scout Mien at Alpha 4.jpg","Scout Mien was a former NVA Lt. who came over to our side.   Another scout was named Billy -- he really never had converted to our side and was KIA in a fire fight.   Don't know to this day if Charlie got him or someone in our unit!   Mien was OK. I have wondered what happened to him after the US pulled out of Nam."
"20 — C Rats: my favorite -- Ham and Lima Beans!.jpg","Also liked pecan roll, John Wayne bars, B-3 units with cookies, B-2 units with hickory smoked cheese spread,   beans and franks and meatballs with beans--yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Vietnam 70 71 by buddy
May 14, '01 12:00 AM
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