Vietnam 1971 by j.t. tillman
Jan 26, '02 12:00 AM
Photos #: 24
http://msn-j.t. "1 — Good Morning Alpha 4.jpg","Steve Quigley"
"2 — Lost A Final Drive.jpg","The M48 was on the way back from Khe Sanh and tried to take a short cut."
"3 — Captured Bangalore Torpedo.jpg","PSG (?)"
"4 — Rolling Back From Khe Sanh.jpg","None given"
"5 — Cecil Bean.jpg","This guy was a .50 caliber nose gunner on a bomber during the Korean War.   He told me he was bored with civilian life and came back in the Army to check out Vietnam."
"6 — In The Grass.jpg","Left to Right:   Bill Jordan"
"7 — Hanging Out In Quang Tri.jpg","Left to Right:   SSG Tigran ""The Accountant"" Afrikan, Thomas ""Wolf"" Shearer, Tony ""Nose"" Schmidt"
"8 — PBR Toast.jpg",17.jpg
"9 — Salute.jpg","Left to Right:   ""Cockstrong"", J.T. Tillman, (?)"
"10 — Another Day At Alpha 4.jpg","Left to Right:   Rich Duxbury"
"11 — Party Time.jpg","Left to Right:   (?), Howard ""Goody"" Goodwater, J.T. Tillman, Steve Quigley, Pete Barnes, (?).   I'd just like to know who the smart-ass was who put that Pepsi can on the table."
"12 — Short Timer.jpg","Tony ""Nose"" Schultz, J.T. Tillman, (?).   I think I had about four days left in country when this picture was taken."
"13 — Sheridan TC.jpg","SSG Carmen Cologrante"
"14 — ""Shot, Over"".jpg","One Niner during a fire mission."
"15 — Kit Carson Scout.jpg",(?)
"16 — Sheridan Gunner.jpg","Bill Jordan"
"17 — Alpha 4 Main Gate.jpg","None given"
"18 — NDP.jpg","I don't remember any of these guys' names, either."
"19 — Another Short Timer.jpg","(?), Angel ""Guam"" Tuncap"
"20 — Break Time.jpg","None given"
"21 — Picking Up The AVLB's.jpg","Troop A was the very last unit out of Khe Sanh after Lom Son 719.   Among other things we provided security for the tracks picking up the bridges."
"22 — Hats Off.jpg","Left to Right:   Tony ""Nose"" Schultz, Louis ""Mexican"" Cullan, Larry Atkins"
"23 — Friends.jpg","Left to Right:   (?), Robert ""Red"" Ringwald, Walt ""Fergie"" Fergison, Richard Kelly, Angel ""Guam"" Tuncap,"
"24 — Getting Ready To Hit The River.jpg","Front:   Angel ""Guam"" Tuncap;   Back Row Left to Right:   Greg Sessions, Tony ""Nose"" Schultz, (?), Louis ""Mexican"" Cullan"