Here is the link page to the photos uploaded by former members of A 4/12 Cavalry. If you want to know the names of the pictures, please right click and choose "Save image as" and you can either download the picture to your computer or read the caption that was written by the uploader.

If you want to upload your photos, you'll have to send them to me, either on the Community or via e-mail. If you're going to use e-mail, please run them through the Fileminimizer program first. Here's the link to that program:

Pineapples Pics
Vietnam 70-71
Sheridan Pictures
Jim Good 3rd Plt A 4 12
Jimmy C's photos
A Trp 4 12 Cav Yearbook 1970
Maps of Quang Tri Province
Sharpe's Pics
Swinny's Pics
Merle's Pics
Bob Taylor's Pics
5th Division Book
Bob Rebbec's Pics
Swinnyʻs pics 1968
412 cav now
Sp4 Michael Minchey
Malan's Pics
Vietnam 1971
Super Reunion 1
There is no I in We
The Kids Pictures 69 70
Road trip part 1 2 World
More pictures from Kid 69 70
There is no I in we part 2
Duffy's Album
Duffy's Album 2
Red Phillips
Vietnam 1971 part 2
Barrow's Pictures
Smitty's Album
Bob Barrows 3
John E Davis
Max's Albumn
Duffy's album3
Duffy's album4
Al Sack's Pix
Walker album
More Malan's Junk
The Album (SS's pics)
Mini Reunion 1st Platoon
Larry Wes Westervelt
Ron Benji Brundage
John Okie
Paul Schiano
3rd Platoon 1968 69
Duke 2nd Platoon Apr Sep 69
Mike Deierlings Album
Tom Farmer
3rd Platoon June 69 June 70
S Tom McPhee
Fort Carson
Super Reunion Part Deaux
Reunion 2002 Smitty's Photos
Unbelieveable Reunion Kid's Photos
Reunion 2 S Tom's Pics
2nd Reunion Vegas Nov 2002
2nd Reunion November 2002
2nd Reunion Nov 2002
Reunion 2 2002
Warren (Jersey) Congleton's pics
Reunion 2002
3rd Herd at Vegas Reunion 2002
2nd Reunion Group Photo
Big Al's photos
Howell McShane
Ft Carson 1966-67
Pennington's pix
Bowers 68 69
Bowers Part 2
Bob Glaser
2003 Reunion Photos
Individual Trooper Photos 2003
2003 Reunion Photo
Over There 1968 1969
Trooper's Rides
S Tom's Memorial Day
The Wall
DC Reunion
The Wall Part 2
DC Reunion Part 2
Return to Vietnam 2005
Reunion 2005
David July's Pics
Mug Shots
Reunion pics
Al Christine 1st Plt 68 69
Walt Ferguson 1st Plt 70 71
Reunion 2006 Parade
Reunion 2006 mugshots
Reunion 2006 mugshots 2
Reunion Dinner program
2006 Veteran's Day parade
Bus trip vets day parade
Random pics parade
Hospitality Suite
Ladies Luncheon
Business Meeting
If you ain't cav you ain't
Reunion 2007
Tunica Reunion 2007
Bob shirt at 2007 reunion
Joe Shue 68 69
Gene Clark
25th Anniversary The Wall
Ray Gavi
State of Texas Vietnam Veterans
Greg Anderson
Reunion 2008 Gold Coast Vegas
Reunion 2008 Gold Coast II
Reunion 2009 Niagara Falls
Quang Tri 11 70
Misc single pics
Joe Byrne