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"1 — Al Sack (3rd 68-69).jpg","None given"
"2 — Albert Christine (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"3 — Barbara and John Smith, Jr (HQ Cpt 70).jpg","None given"
"4 — Bill McShane (3rd Lt 69-69).jpg","None given"
"5 — Bob and Diane Rebbec (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"6 — Bob and Sherri Taylor (2nd 69-70)with Sherri's father and wi.jpg","None given"
"7 — Bob Rebbec (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"8 — Bob Taylor (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"9 — Brooks Styles (1st Lt 69-70).jpg","None given"
"10 — Carlos Gallegos friend of David Boshell (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"11 — Charles Curnell (HQ Lt 71).jpg","None given"
"12 — Charles Russell (3rd 70-71).jpg","None given"
"13 — Chris Phillips (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"14 — Darell Ivory (3rd 68).jpg","None given"
"15 — Dave Larson (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"16 — Doug Roy (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"17 — Earl Schorpp (3rd Lt 70).jpg","None given"
"18 — Frank Palumbo (friend)and Dennis Perrino (2nd Lt 70-71).jpg","None given"
"19 — Gary Thrappas (3rd 70-71).jpg","None given"
"20 — Gene Clark (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"21 — George and Lucille Gibbs (2nd 70).jpg","None given"
"22 — George Gersaba (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"23 — George Gibbs (2nd 70).jpg","None given"
"24 — Hank Gregor (1st Lt 69-70).jpg","None given"
"25 — Henry Adams, Jr (3rd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"26 — Ian Losee (1st 70-71).jpg","None given"
"27 — J.T. Tillman (1st 71).jpg","None given"
"28 — James Rinaldi (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"29 — Jan and Jim Davis (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"30 — Janet and William Garrison (2nd 68).jpg","None given"
"31 — Jeannie and John White (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"32 — Jerry Malan (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"33 — Jim Clark (HQ 69-70).jpg","None given"
"34 — Jim Davis (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"35 — Jim Good (3rd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"36 — John Richardson (2nd 68-69).jpg","None given"
"37 — John Sharpe (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"38 — John Smith, Jr (HQ Cpt 70).jpg","None given"
"39 — John White (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"40 — Karen and Ronald Chabiel (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"41 — Kathy and Raymond Beatty (HQ 69-70).jpg","None given"
"42 — Keith Eaton (HQ 69-70).jpg","None given"
"43 — Ken and Sandy Dye (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"44 — Ken Dye (1st 68-69).jpg","None given"
"45 — Kenneth Carlson (HQ Cpt 69).jpg","None given"
"46 — Kevin,Terri,Doug Roy (1st 69-70)and Becky.jpg","None given"
"47 — Linda and Keith Eaton (HQ 69-70).jpg","None given"
"48 — Linda and William Trimble (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"49 — Mark Frutchey (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"50 — Mark Frutchey(2nd 69-70)Jeannie and John White(2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"51 — Merle and Reda Reed (2nd 68-69).jpg","None given"
"52 — Merle Reed (2nd 68-69).jpg","None given"
"53 — Mike Davis (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"54 — Mindy Colton (Wife-Randy Colton 1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"55 — Minerva and John Richardson (2nd 68-69).jpg","None given"
"56 — Nancy and Charles Curnell (HQ Lt 71).jpg","None given"
"57 — Pat Howard (Sister-Randy Colton 1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"58 — Patricia and Darell Ivory (3rd 68).jpg","None given"
"59 — Paul Zepf (3rd 68).jpg","None given"
"60 — Ray Gavi (HQ 69).jpg","None given"
"61 — Raymond Beatty (HQ 69-70).jpg","None given"
"62 — Ronald Chabiel (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"63 — Susie and Mike Davis 91st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"64 — Tom and Terri McPhee (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"65 — Tom McPhee (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"66 — Trudi and Charles Russell (3rd 70-71).jpg","None given"
"67 — Jim Clark(HQ 69-70)Keith Eaton(HQ 69-70)Wally Mendoza(1st 69.jpg","None given"
"68 — Mark Frutchey and John White (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"69 — Veronica Mohr(daughter)and David Boshell (2nd 69-70).jpg","None given"
"70 — Wally Mendoza (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"71 — Walt Ferguson (1st 70-71).jpg","None given"
"72 — Warren Congleton (1st 69-70).jpg","None given"
"73 — Warren Congleton(1st 69-70)and Gerry DeYoung).jpg","None given"
"74 — William Garrison (2nd 68).jpg","None given"
"75 — 1st group photo.jpg","1st group photo.jpg"
"76 — 2nd group photo.jpg","2nd group photo.jpg"
"77 — 3rd group photo.jpg","3rd group photo.jpg"
"78 — HQ group photo.jpg","HQ group photo.jpg"
"79 — Troop Photo.jpg","Troop Photo.jpg"
"80 — REMEMBRANCE.jpg","Rubbings for each KIA were made from The Wall while at the 4th Reunion in DC. Ken Dye, Jim Rinaldi, and Dave Larson then prepare this tribute for future display at the Troop's reunions. Look closely at the bottom of the display and there is a handmade quilt(by Val Larson) with a star for each KIA (name and date) this will also become part of the display."
"81 — REMEMBERANCE TABLE.jpg","This table is prepare for each reunion, the Troop takes a moment to honor and remember our KIAs and the Troopers whom have past on to Fiddlers Green. We focus not on their passing but on the friendships built and happy memories kept forever."
"82 — Opening remarks.jpg","Jim ""RAG"" Rinaldi opening remarks, something to the effect Weclome everyone and I have told all the other speakers not to bore everyone to death and make it short"
"83 — Invocation.jpg","Mike ""The Kid"" Davis reading   Psalm 23"
"84 — Invocation passing on to Fiddlers Green.jpg","Mike ""The Kid"" Davis reading ""REVIEWING THE TROOPS"" by Jack E. Dawson reference Philippians 2:29"
"85 — Ladies of A Troop begin recognize for their support.jpg","Mike ""The Kid"" Davis, asking the ladies of A Troop to stand and be recognize for all the love and support they have given to their trooper all of these years."
"86 — Presenting the FDG Table.jpg","John Sharpe, reading Fiddler's Green remarks ""They were the best of times They were the worst of times They shaped our lives"""
"87 — Toast to Fidder's Green Troopers.jpg","Veronica Mohr (David Boshell daughter), Raymond and Kathy Beatty, and Jim Clark"
"88 — Toast to Fiddler's Green Troopers.jpg","Earl Schorpp, Ian Losee, Charles Curnell"
"89 — Bill ""Blue Max""McShane reading remarks from Cpt Alexander.jpg","Cpt Errol D ""Alex"" Alexander was unable to attend this reunion but sent a message to his troopers. Cpt Alexander was the Troop's first CO in Nam"
"90 — Hank Gregor 1st 69-70.jpg","Officers beginning recognize"
"91 — Bill""Blue Max"" McShane 3rd 68-69.jpg","Officers beginning recognize, McShane came over with the Troop from Ft Carson"
"92 — Charles Curnell HQ 71.jpg","Charles Curnell was A Troop's last XO during its tour in Nam"
"93 — Dennis ""Lt Zero"" Perrino 2nd 70-71.jpg","Officers beginning recognize"
"94 — Brooks Styles 1st 69-70 and Earl Schorpp 3rd 70.jpg","Officers beginning recognize"
"95 — Charles Cooper 1st 68-70 and Wally Mendoza 1st 69-70.jpg","Preparing to present the first ""LTee Frank Canda"" award to JT Tillman 1st 71"
"96 — JT Tillman 1st 71 and Wally Mendoza 1st 69-70.jpg","You do not see JT speechless very often, he soon recover. JT was presented with the first ""LTee Frank Canda"" award in recognition of his continuing effort to locate and contact over a 100 troopers over the past two years."
"97 — JT Tillman 1st 71 accepting the ""LTee Frank Canda"" award.jpg","A very humble JT accepting the first ""LTee Frank Canda"" award stating that he always felt like he recieve more from contacting new troopers than what he was able to give them. JT went on to talk about how much this award meant to him personally since he held Frank Canda in such high esteem"
"98 — George ""Pineapple"" Gersaba 1st 69-70.jpg","George ""Pineapple"" Gersaba sits the stage for his up coming feature video, all I can say is you had to be there. IT WAS GREAT, a collection of photos from the website and photo site background music and sound effects top it all off. THANKS MR P apple"
"99 — Jim ""Rag"" Rinaldi 1st 68-69 presenting raffle winners.jpg","Mindy Colton (wife of Randy ""PR"" Colton 1st 69-70) accepts her raffle prize"
"100 — NASCAR winner presentation to Jim ""Rag"" Rinaldi.jpg","Dave""lucky Lou"" Larson, seems to not want to give the award to Jim ""Rag"" Rinaldi. Wonder who came in second by just a couple ticks (Larson's son maybe)"
"101 — table talk 004.jpg","Trudi and Charles Russell, Gary Thrappas, Jim Good, Evelyn and Henry Adams, David July, Sue and Albert Christine"
"102 — Table talk 007.jpg","Rache and Chad Schafer (Rag's daughter), Jim and Linda Rinaldi, Sandy (why does she stay with him) and Ken Dye, Barbara and John Smith (Cpt 69-70)"
"103 — Table talk 008.jpg","Brooks Styles, Earl Schorpp, Charles and Nancy Curnell, Bob (friend of Cooper) Barbara, Charles, and Cara Cooper"
"104 — table talk 009.jpg","raymond Beatty, Jim clark, David Boshell, Carlos Gallegos (friend of David),Keith Eaton Walt Ferguson"
"105 — Table talk 010.jpg","Bob and Sherri Taylor, Sherri's father Jerry Baranowski with his wife, Jon and Jeannie White, Bob Rebbec, J.T. Tillman"
"106 — Table talk 014.jpg","Gerry DeYoung and Warren Congleton, Ron and Karen Chabiel, George Gersaba"
"107 — Larson Crew.jpg","Baby Kaylee, Cathy, Kerry, Val, Dave, Dale Struckmeyer, Shannon"
"108 — See you later party for PR.jpg","Mike and Susie Davis, Barbara and Charles Cooper, George Gersaba (we had to drag him out of the place), Chris Phillips(we told Deloris to go to the ladies room right before we had the pic taken)Terri and Douglas Roy, Mindy Colton and Pat Howard (PR's sister)"
"109 — reuion pics 080.jpg","None given"
"110 — reuion pics 081.jpg","None given"
"111 — 3rd generation of the Cav.jpg","reuion pics 082.jpg"