More Malans Junk by jerry malan
Aug 8, '02 12:00 AM
Photos #: 26
Tags: "1 — In OR in front of the Anesthesia Machine and Monitors.jpg","Red stuff behind me is drugs/equipment."
"2 — At the head of the patient.jpg","Pretty good view of the anesthesia machine."
"3 — Endoscopic procedure.jpg","Insides of the patient are on the TV screen. The nurse in the background seems suprised I was passing gas."
"4 — Tools of the trade.jpg","Air, nitrous, oxygen, knobs (L-R). Color coded boxes (R-R) are vaporizers for inhalation agents. Intubating and airway (L-F). Typical selection of IV drugs (R-F) and the keyboard for the compterized record in front."
"5 — OR in the early morning before rush hour.jpg","None given"
"6 — Hungery Sting Rays headed my way.jpg","Sting Ray city in Grand Cayman"
"7 — Feeding the Sting Rays.jpg","I have squid in my hand."
"8 — Some of the Sting Rays are getting pretty aggresive..jpg","None given"
"9 — My Official B.S. photo..jpg","None given"
"10 — My Official M.S. CRNA photo.jpg","Jerry, Debbie, and Jackson."
"11 — MalansSideMtM2[1].jpg","I remember having a side mount .50 cal.and don't remember this one at all so Sgt Barrows sent me this photo. SS remembers a .50 because I shot up a clump of bushes one day that friendlys were in and the Col. made me loose the gun after that."
"12 — Mexican Hospital.jpg","Went on a mission trip for a week repairing birth defects in the local children. This was the Hospital we were at."
"13 — Child is draped and ready for surgery.jpg","Typical cleft lip deformity."
"14 — Same Kid during cleft lip repair.jpg","None given"
"15 — Kid after cleft lip repair..jpg","They look alot better after awhile."
"16 — Three surgeons with the Gov. of this State in middle.jpg","He's the one with no glasses"
"17 — Me bagging the patient ready for surgery.jpg","This was a hard palate repair. Notice the fan in the background..the ORs had no air conditioning and we had to blow air under the drapes to keep the kids from overheating."
"18 — One of the CRNAs that went down with us..jpg","The anesthesia machine was donated to this hospital by Harris Methodist in Ft Worth. It's very primative. You might see one like this at your Vets office. There was no exhaust valve on the machine so waste gases were vented into the room."
"19 — My friend listens to breath sounds..jpg","You listen to both sides to make sure the tube is not in too far. If that happens you only ventilate one lung."
"20 — Me carrying a bigger kid to recovery after lip surgery..jpg","None given"
"21 — Divemaster Jerry.jpg","About 110 ft down off a wall in Grand Cayman"
"22 — Cowboy Jackson.jpg","My Dawg. His mother taught him to play dress up."
"23 — Jackson and his girl friend Lexi..jpg","They both got Harley Davidson outfits for Christmas"
"24 — Jerry, Jackson, Lexi..jpg","Believe it or not Jackson is the Dominate one of these two. I hate to see him dating a Pit Bull even if she is cute."
"25 — Spanish Jackson.jpg","Guarding the hot tub."
"26 — Jerry and   Debbie Grand Cayman.jpg","Some great shore diving here."