Jim Good 3rd Plt A 4 12 by jim good
Jun 4, '01 12:00 AM
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http://msn-jim "1 — Jim Good   Cua Viet Navy Base   January 1970.jpg","None given"
"2 — SP5 Jim Good   south of Cam Lo after a long night    Fall of 1970.jpg","None given"
"3 — Lonnie Roland   3rd Plt A 4 12.jpg","None given"
"4 — SFC George McGrogan   Plt Sgt   3rd Plt.jpg","None given"
"5 — Tne Great DMZ Pig Hunt of 1969.jpg","Lonnie Roland, Darnell, and some guy who was getting short, with a pig killed by 3rd Plt west of Alpha 4 in December 1969.   The tanks had set up an ambush at the end of a small valley, the scout tracks swept the valley hoping to chase out some NVA.   No bad guys that day, only a couple of wild boars.   We shot this one, and scared the hell out of a couple others."
"6 — 3rd Plt tankers   A 4 12 Cav motor pool   Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"7 — Night Defensive Position.jpg","Photo of a typical Cav NDP, somewhere southwest of Quang Tri, during 1970."
"8 — Close Up of a NDP.jpg","Night defensive position somewhere in Viet Nam"
"9 — One of the ACAV Tracks   the crew is probably thinking of home .jpg","None given"
"10 — Bai Long Valley from the ridge to the east.jpg","At the end of Task Force 1/77 Armor, we went out the east end of the Bai Long Valley, and back to Quang Tri.   This is a view of the valley from ridge that followed the river back north toward Quang Tri."
"11 — Laundry    Bath Point     Cav Style.jpg","This is a picture of some of the 3rd Platoon guys taking a bath and washing their clothes in the river southwest of Quang Tri."
"12 — Motor Pool   A 4 12 Cav   Quang Tri Combat Base   RVN    1970.jpg","None given"
"13 — Chu Hoi Pamphlets     GI Toilet Paper.jpg","These pamphlets were dropped by U.S. aircraft to try to convince NVA"
"14 — Quang Tri E M   Club    Taking a break .jpg","I don't recall the name of the guy playing the guitar but he was from West Virginia.   Junior Bettis and Andy Watson are to the left.   The blurred guy may be Klinsky."
"15 — 3rd Platoon Tankers' Hooch   Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
"16 — Dennis Patrick   Detroit   Michigan    3rd Platoon Tanker 1970 71.jpg","None given"
"17 — QL 9   between Cam Lo and the Rock Pile    TF 1 77 Armor   1970.jpg","This was taken on the first day of Task Force 1/77 Armor while we were road marching to the west.   An Infantry unit, probably 1/61 Mech, had put some outposts along the road.   Just before we got there, some dinks attacked one of them.   One of the NVA threw a frag, and killed a grunt from the infantry unit.   They fired artillery, and the Cobra gunships worked out on the area, but I don't think we found any enemy KIA.   That night we ended up in Van der Grift, the old Marine Corps camp, after dark.   Spooky times on that one, though I don't think anyone from the Cav got hurt."
"18 — The Mod Quad    Truck mounted quad 50 antiaircraft gun   Neat Gun .jpg","None given"
"19 — Kit Carson Scout Seymoure.jpg","None given"
"20 — A formal dinner   with poncho liner table cloth    Bring on the Cs.jpg","None given"
"21 — USO show   Cua Viet Navy Base   Jan or Feb 1970.jpg","None given"
"22 — A 4 12 Yacht Club    Boat in river sout of Quang Tri.jpg","None given"
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