"1 — Hanging With Papasan.jpg","PSG (?)"
"2 — (?).jpg","None given"
"3 — Another One Bites The Dust.jpg","None given"
"4 — Coors Beer Circa 1971.jpg","One of the guy's mom sent him a case of Coors every month.   Sure beat the hell out of that PBR."
"5 — Dink Deja Vu.jpg","This is the same picture of a dead dink that Buddy has in his photo album.   I wanted someone to help me hang this guy off of a Sheridan gun tube by his crooked arm so I could take a picture of him but no one volunteered, so The Accountant and I took a piss on him."

Vietnam 1971   Part Deaux by jt tillman
Mar 23, '02 12:00 AM
Photos #: 5