"1 — fngs.jpg",Papasan
"2 — Finance REMFs.jpg","Cloud, Sorrel"
"3 — I did not sleep in here!.jpg","Bunker at C-2, probably rat infested and wet Dec. 1969"
"4 — A Village on the way to the DMZ.jpg","The name of this place lost to time, but we're on the way to the Z from Cua Viet Dec 1969"
"5 — 12 at Cua Viet 1969.jpg","None given"
"6 — Cua Viet morning excerciser?.jpg","As seen from high atop one of the beach towers"
"7 — At the northern edge of Dong Ha.jpg","None given"
"8 — Saleswoman in Dong Ha.jpg","I don't know what she selling, but I'm buying."
"9 — 3 buds: Ralph Cimmunatta, Marler, & Milard the Mallard Mills.jpg","in Cua Viet"
"10 — The Lost Patrol at Cua Viet 1969.jpg","They were way overdue one morning, Capt. Kaufmann went to get them. 2nd platoon ambush patrol."
"11 — Sheridan in the Morning.jpg","One of the first Sheridans for the 12th Cav taken Dec 1969 at Cua Viet"
"12 — SS in the cargo compartment 1969.jpg","luxurious accomodations!"
"13 — The 1-7 at Cua Viet: using cover & concealment 1969.jpg","the tank is in the middle right quadrant of the picture"
"14 — Flash rain.jpg","crew of the 13 in Nancy motorpool doing ""maintenance"" Front: Duffy"
"15 — Drake.jpg","going home wounded"
"16 — Outside 13's hootch.jpg","Ackey, Zeke, Duffy, Pineapple, Bucky, Peter Rabbit"
"17 — Buds.jpg","Sniper Veatch, Milard, SS, Peter Rabbit, Doc Parker, Zeke"
"18 — Milard & Jonsey (?) from 2nd Platoon.jpg","at Cua Viet"
"19 — The One three shooting.jpg",styles.jpg
"20 — Old Man & the Sea.jpg","I waved, he waved."
"21 — Going Home.jpg","Another inexplicable stop."
"22 — chieu hoi.jpg","His name was ""Kure"", but we called him Cool-ray, and the annual spelled it Caray. He was a 'yard, but very fastidious, carried a piece of cardboard so he could sit on it when we took five in our dismounts."
"23 — chieuhoi2.jpg","2nd or 3rd platoon kit carson, i can't remember"
"24 — cuaviet9.jpg","None given"
"25 — getit.jpg","None given"
"26 — going north.jpg","None given"
"27 — splash2.jpg","SS driving at high speed into a pond at Cua Viet. I liked how the water went higher than the PC."
"28 — ssand zeke.jpg","None given"
"29 — tower view cv.jpg","None given"
"30 — Marvin the Arvn & his pal Luke.jpg","In Danang to pay wounded, snapped this pic of two goo-goos riding alongside the 3/4 ton that picked up me, a hitchhiker."
"31 — Vietnamese shrine.jpg","right underneath the guard tower"
"32 — Quang Tri Guard Tower.jpg","Everyone must have pulled guard here, overlooking the river"
"33 — 1st Platoon Hootches at Quang Tri.jpg","SS, Zeke and Veatch. We were so cool back then."
"34 — House and pool!.jpg","In Danang, saw this classy place in the residential section of that city"
"35 — SS and Coop.jpg","At C-2"
"36 — meandduffy.jpg","None given"
"37 — meandss.jpg","None given"
"38 — Mike Davis, ""The Kid"".jpg","looks like the motor pool in Nancy, the 12 is in the background!"