Paul Schiano Dec 68   Dec 69 by company clerk 1969
Sep 15, '02 12:00 AM
Photos #: 27
Tags: Track A15 1st Platoon (Dec 68-May69) Headquarters/Company Clerk   (May 69-Dec 69)

"1 — Paul & Jim Taylor.jpg","Jim trying on Paul's jeans to wear on R"
"2 — Jim Taylor, Dave Larson, Paul, Jim Rinaldi.jpg","LZ Nancy"
"3 — Suzie & Paul.jpg","does anyone remember little Suzie from LZ Nancy"
"4 — A Troop Sign/LZ Nancy.jpg","None given"
"5 — Quang Tri Bridge.jpg","Remember just outside LZ Nancy, getting the tanks across this bridge with only 2 inches to spare on each side."
"6 — Paul & Ken Cyr.jpg","LZ Nancy 8/16/69"
"7 — Keith Williams, Paul, Jim Taylor.jpg","Bunker on perimeter of LZ Nancy."
"8 — Jim Taylor & Willie Wilson.jpg","None given"
"9 — Paul & Jim Taylor.jpg","Behind 1st platoon track A15"
"10 — Ken Cyr & ?.jpg","None given"
"11 — Ken Cyr.jpg","Taken at LZ Nancy"
"12 — Kerry Pepple, ""Coop"" Cooper, Paul, Ron Cerny.jpg","8/19/69 ?   Possibly   Earlier"
"13 — Glenn Bowers, Gary Norwalk, Bill Gossman, Rick Smith.jpg",Tankers
"14 — Paul & Wild Bill Weyer.jpg","Driver A19"
"15 — Jim Rinaldi, Jim Taylor, Dave Larson, Paul, Ken Dye.jpg","None given"
"16 — Dave Larson.jpg","Track A15 driver and troop artist"
"17 — Jim Rinaldi & Paul.jpg","6/5/69...Jim Rinaldi and Paul resting in shade of tank A16 after it hit mine.   it was four days later on 6/9/69 that new 1SGT Offutt flew out to our location in a helicopter and was met by CPT Robinson in the center of our ""covered wagon"" formation.   They both walked directly over towards me where I was sitting by A19.   All I could think was WHAT NOW!   1SGT Offutt then asked me to come back to headquarters at LZ Nancy to help him as company clerk after one of our own fragged the orderly room killing the company clerk and sending 1SGT Short and others to the hospital back on 5/16/69.   As fate would have it, I worked in the orderly room several weeks prior to the fragging and didn't like it so I asked 1SGT Short to send me back out to my platoon on A15.   I met 1SGT Offutt on a plane coming back from my R"
"18 — Paul & Rick Smith.jpg","at LZ Nancy camp"
"19 — Bob Bice, Paul & Joe Shue.jpg","None given"
"20 — Latrine Fire at LZ Nancy.jpg","Looks like someone got just a little too heated up in the crapper!"
"21 — SFC Eugene DiSanto.jpg","12/5/69...Outside orderly room at Camp Red Devil."
"22 — Jim Rinaldi & Paul.jpg","Outside orderly room at Camp Red Devil"
"23 — Jiim Rinaldi, Paul & John Walega.jpg","Outside new orderly room after move from LZ Nance to Camp Red Devil."
"24 — Keith Eaton & Larry Corso.jpg","12/5/69...outside orderly room at Camp Red Devil"
"25 — Paul & Tony Puschkin.jpg","11/22/69...visiting friend from another company on hospital ship"
"26 — Gail & Jim Taylor.jpg","6/25/69...When Jim got out of service he visited Paul's family and finally met Paul's sister Gail, with whom he had been corresponding."
"27 — Scout Jerry & Wife.jpg","Does anyone remember our scouts Tom"