"1 — Mel Ray and the Strangers.jpg","The closest thing to the USO I ever saw. This photo taken Oct 8, 68 at Dong Ha Combat Base, Camp Red Devil, Viet Nam. Mel Ray Lawrence on lead guitar, Steve Foster on bass, and Mike Maxon ( the max ) on drums. We got all the Pi we could carry and all the hot beer we could drink!"
"2 — Short Timers' Letter.jpg","Thought the guys would get a kick out of this. I sent it to my bride three weeks before I got home. Brings back vivid memories."
"3 — REAL Troopers.jpg","This was approximately 2 months after arival at Ft Carson, Colorado about Jan 66. I think after Basic. Sgt Kline, at the base of the flagpole, was Cadre. Max, Mike Maxon, was holding the Cav flag. David Cox was at the left shoulder of Kline. How many can you name? Mystery Troopers....sign in please. Max"

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Jun 4, '02 12:00 AM
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