3rd PLATOON    1968 69 by cap
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Photos #: 122
Tags: Caputo's photos from tour starting July'68 until July'69. Most photos from Nov'68 to June'69.

"1 — ALBUM COVER.jpg","Stuff I found in the bottom of my duffle bag. A well used P38, .50 Cal headspace"
"2 — Places we were.jpg","This list was on the back cover of one album and lists places where we had operations."
"3 — We learned to love them.jpg","None given"
"4 — McShane & Platt on A36.jpg","None given"
"5 — Blackshear,Platt,Sack,Adams.jpg","None given"
"6 — Churchill,Adams,Fitz,Sack,???.jpg","Taking a break. Can't remember name of blond guy (Whitey?). Think he was Platt's gunner. I learned recently that both Luther Adams and Marc Fitzgerald have passed away."
"7 — LZ Nancy Barracks.jpg","Hot C-rats (heated with C4!) and warm Bergermeister outside our hooch at LZ Nancy. Can't remember the left two troopers, Caputo, Miller and Sack on right."
"8 — Rafferty &   A35.jpg","None given"
"9 — 3rd On the Beach.jpg","None given"
"10 — Caputo,Rafferty-W'Beach.jpg","None given"
"11 — Crig,Jones,Sack,Unknown.jpg","None given"
"12 — Fitz,Sack,Skinner-W'Beach.jpg","None given"
"13 — Not Desert Storm_Jan'69.jpg","On the flats southeast of Hai Lang. Thua Thien province if I remember correctly. It was on an ambush patrol near hear where Van Winkle got hit."
"14 — Surf's Up.jpg","We periodically got back to the beach and patrolled North and South of the original Wunder Beach compound. It was always a welcomed relief."
"15 — Rafferty,Adams, Jones-W'Beach.jpg","None given"
"16 — Wunder Beach 2, USS Hope on horizon.jpg","None given"
"17 — Wunder Beach Jan'69.jpg","None given"
"18 — Wunder Beach North.jpg","None given"
"19 — Snake_2.jpg","May'69 - We were on recon patrol in the Ba Long. We knew there were no gooks in the area since there was still a lot of wildlife. This was one them.   17 feet long, bit the slack man on patrol in the heel (I can't remember his name). It took off after a couple M16 rounds. We trailed through the bush to a ground hole and finished it. No one would believe us,   so we hauled it back."
"20 — Snake 1.jpg","None given"
"21 — Sunrise over the Z, Mar'69.jpg","None given"
"22 — Sunrise view of B52 contrails over the Z.jpg","None given"
"23 — Short-timer Caputo May'69.jpg","None given"
"24 — '35 and Raf.jpg","None given"
"25 — A30 McSh, Zamora,Mar'69.jpg","None given"
"26 — A36 Landmine.jpg","This was in March'69 when we ran into an NVA battalion near Cam Lo. We were on a joint operation with the infantry. It's where Spec 5 Ryan got hit if I remember correctly."
"27 — AO101 Overlook.jpg","None given"
"28 — Back to Ba Long-Apr'69.jpg","None given"
"29 — Cam Lo Hill top.jpg","None given"
"30 — Dec69 LZ Carlson Firebase.jpg","None given"
"31 — JJ Cam Lo.jpg","None given"
"32 — Jones,Zamora,Kemph,Currington.jpg","None given"
"33 — Platt,McSh.jpg","None given"
"34 — Zepf and '35.jpg","None given"
"35 — A36 -Apr'69.jpg","None given"
"36 — JJ,Cap,Sistrunk.jpg","None given"
"37 — Majevsky,Cap.jpg","The only photo I could find of Sgt. Mojo."
"38 — Sack,Miller,Black Label.jpg","None given"
"39 — Thrown Track.jpg","Miller threw a track coming back to LZ Nancy from AO101. The bank was too steep to get the track back on. So, he backed into the creek to move to a level bank."
"40 — No track,no steer1.jpg","Unfortunately, with only one track all he could do was go in circles. Lindly is in the water trying to pull the track."
"41 — No track,no steer2.jpg","Using shovels as oars they managed to get to shore and repair the blown track. It was almost dark by the time they finished...lessons learned..carry more than one shovel."
"42 — Rafferty drainin.jpg","Don't forget the engine compartment drain plug."
"43 — Ready to roll.jpg","None given"
"44 — Sack, West of Cam Lo-Mar'69.jpg","I've got aviator glasses and you don't."
"45 — A36 -Apr'69.jpg","I hope Platt knows where we are!"
"46 — Platt & Beer as usual.jpg","No, that's not the same can of beer in every picture of Sgt. Platt."
"47 — Found Running Water.jpg","After a week or so in the bush, finding running water was welcomed. So...."
"48 — Takin' a bath-Koster & Sistrunk.jpg","....you take a bath. This was Koster and Sistrunk.. May'69...we're all getting short."
"49 — Inside A36.jpg","Inside A36..staying out of the rain..Mar'69..end of monsoon season."
"50 — Mine Damage A36.jpg","Another shot of A36 after the mine."
"51 — Captured cache-Mar'69   Con Thien.jpg","This was a cache of rice socks, explosives, grenades, and other stuff found after the incident.   We also found a few rifles. We all took a picture with that SKS."
"52 — Cap w. SKS Mar'69.jpg","None given"
"53 — A34 Lindley,Vencel,Mar'69.jpg","I can't tell who's the TC in this shot. Notice ""Hollywood"" Vencel with his black berret."
"54 — Apr'69 Back to Ba Long.jpg","None given"
"55 — Jones-around C2 Firebase Mar'69.jpg","None given"
"56 — PJ Zepf & alter ego-Feb'69.jpg","None given"
"57 — Zepf,Vernon Adams,Sistrunk.jpg","None given"
"58 — AO101-June'69.jpg","None given"
"59 — A35 Sunk.jpg","We were returning to LZ Nancy after a week or so in the bush. We took a short cut through stream. A36 went right through it. A35's driver, Lindley at the time, left the engine compartment drain plug out. We went down pretty quickly once the engin stalled..... so"
"60 — Found water-take baths.jpg","Found water-take baths.jpg"
"61 — Watch'em fish.jpg",".. we relaxed after we realized he was friendly...he unloads a guy with a hand net and they both start fishing.....thought it was an interesting contrast...."
"62 — Doc, Sweeney,+ In the bush.jpg","This was the only patrol I ever took along my camera. It was June'69, I was real short. This is Doc, Sweeney and I think Sack along with others."
"63 — Jones in the Bush.jpg","Jones taking a break."
"64 — Bush at noon.jpg","It got pretty dark once you had more than 30 of cover overhead."
"65 — Logsdon in the bush.jpg","None given"
"66 — Sack in the bush.jpg","We ran across a recently abandoned NVA base camp....Shelters, kitchen with smoke tunnel, bunkers , etc.. this is Sack and a glimpse of Sistrunk."
"67 — VAdams in bush.jpg","You may not be able to see it, but that Vern Adams right in the middle. My 35mm slides lost a lot of resolution during conversion to .jpeg files for this internet site."