30's Pix by 30yankee
Jul 3, '01 12:00 AM
Photos #: 23
Tags: Pictures of I Corps "1 — The Leader of the Pack.jpg","A 4/12 Cav Pocket Patch"
"2 — Bill and Wendell.jpg","Quang Tri Compound Bill and Wendell"
"3 — Market Place.jpg","1969 Quang Tri Market Place"
"4 — School Time.jpg","Photo of Schoool in Quang Tri City"
"5 — Out Side of TOC.jpg","Muggsy Hall, Axelson and Unknown Person Outside of TOC Quang Tri Compound"
"6 — Road to Quang Tri.jpg","View of River and Bridge traveling from Quang Tri CB to Quang Tri City"
"7 — New Gun in Town.jpg","1st Sheridan delivered to 4/12 Cav."
"8 — Alpha Four.jpg","Captain Robinson and a group of guys outside a bunker at A-4 Con Thien"
"9 — Young Lady.jpg","Girl who worked in Mess Hall and cleaned Hootchs, Can't remember her name."
"10 — Turtle.jpg","Turtle Silwa at Quang tri"
"11 — Forward Observers.jpg","Lt Maum and Sgt Bills FO's"
"12 — Gun Slinger.jpg","Andy Anderson, at LZ Nancy"
"13 — LZ Nancy.jpg","TOC at LZ Nancy my what a fire it made when we moved to Quang Tri"
"14 — Cua Viet Communications.jpg","Top and others working the Net"
"15 — Big Al.jpg","Allen Snider"
"16 — Thank God they let us Out.jpg","Larry Corso, Jimmy Mann and Unknown Trooper"
"17 — Where did I park that Track.jpg","Joe Flynn"
"18 — Heading North.jpg","View of Cam Lo Defense Perimeter from Cam Lo Bridge"
"19 — Call AAA for all your Repair needs.jpg","TRV and Sgt Bracken at Nancy. Capt. Robinson and I brought the TRV from LZ Sharon to LZ Nancy with no Guns. Boy was that dumb."
"20 — Dam the Pot Holes Really suck.jpg","Village Stomper after hitting mine."
"21 — Hey Look at all this Shit.jpg","Ammo and Gear taken from dead NVA in the Valley of Death"
"22 — LZ Nancy.jpg","View from Commo Hootch, Viewing Toc, and Orderly Room. Can any one make out the person in this Photo could Be Lt McGregor"
"23 — USO Show.jpg","Only USO show I got to see at 1/77 stage"