(Photo on left)
This shows an Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) with the launch vehicle still attached to the bridge. The Cav did not have any AVLBs assigned to our unit, but we occasionally worked with the AVLBs of 1/77 Armor, and possibly from supporting engineer units.

(Photo on right)
This photo shows an AVLB partially erected. The launcher vehicle, essentially the hull of an M-60 tank, carried the bridge from one location to another, and then erected and launched the bridge over streams and ditches which other vehicles could not cross otherwise.

Jim Good

I remember on October 2, 1969, an Armored Bridge was used to cross somewhere; two second platoon APCs were left behind to secure the bridge while the rest went up to where Sgt. Di was eventually wounded on the same night.
Bob Taylor

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