81mm round

The 81mm mortar shown by Skee clearly shows the white charge bags above the fins. The round is a HE. There were 8 white bags and one yellow bag underneath the white ones. At the bottom of the round was a shotgun-like charge with a primer. The round slid down the tube and struck the firing pin causing the charge to ignite the charge bags, propelling the round out of the tube. The round was stabilized in flight by the fins because there was no rifling in the bore of the 81mm. Charge 9, all bags left intact, would propel the round for over a distance of 3 miles. Conversely with all of the bags removed, charge 0, the round could be dropped virtually on top of you. On the nose of the round was the fuse with safety pins. The fuse could be set for delay or quick (the default) causing the round to explode on impact or with a slight delay( used in canopy jungles ).
Bob Taylor

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