William "Big Daddy" Trimble was in the first platoon in 1969-1970

Big Daddy with Lt. Styles

Big Daddy with Larry Westervelt in LZ Nancy



Hey All,
I received a call this morning from Linda Trimble.... Our Buddy Big Daddy passed away early this morning. There are no funeral arrangements yet and Linda will call me later to let me know. I will anounce to you all as I find out. I personally want to thank each and everyone of you who helped in any way to see to it that our buddy came to the last reunion. A special thank-you to Malan, Coop, and Lt. Styles.
Love to all. Wally (Mendoza) 2-14-2006

Subject: Sitrep: Tribute to My Friend

Hey guys,

I will be leaving town on Sunday morning, but I wanted to say something about Big Daddy...My Friend.

They will be burying my buddy today, It seems as only a nightmare that has come to disrupt My slumber in the middle of the night, like the enemy Who sneaks up on you and shocks your sences or worse.

Big Daddy, William Charles Trinble, will be buried in The ground alongside his dear Mother, as he wanted. William Trimble, the consumate buddy, Ultimate Family man and Father Soldier Entraordinaire.

A trooper called me on the phone yesterday and said... "Big Daddy thought me more about being a human being than any other person I know" Think about those words, not only was he a great human and a great friend, but by his actions and kind words he had that kind on effect on others, certainly me.

I loved Big Daddy, I loved him more than my own brothers, he was kind, determined, intelligent, dedicated, on top of the game, helpful, informed and loving.

Big Daddy loved unconditionally, he loved people because he wanted to.  He always had something good to say about all of us, and that is amazing in itself.

I will never forget the words he said to me when he left Nam to come home, "  I am going to leave now, you take care "  and then he hugged me in front of the orderly room in Quang Tri....I was not to see him again for the next 35 years.  When I saw him again his body was just a shadow of that strong, handsome, full of life and smiles young man that hugged me In Quan Tri in the summer of 1970.  His heart was intact, he was still the same loving person I knew in Nam .

The Lord has called him to His side now, I know why, The Man loves to be surrounded by good people. He is gone from our lives now, but will always live in our hearts and memories as long as The Good Lord allows us to have a recollection and a heart beat.

I am a better person for having known Big Daddy, my life will always continue to be influenced by how he lived his life and how he conducted himself.

Good bye my friend, Save a place for me like you used to in the chow line. Our Troop is mourning you, but we are sad for ourselves. You are in a better place now, in the big R & R.

Frank, Peter Rabbit, John Hall and others will be there to meet you.  Please hug them for me.

I loved you in Life and will always love you.


Guys,  Coop and I flew back into DFW this evening after making Big Daddy Trembles memorial Service.  Was a huge turnout at his familys Church there in Corpus Christi...being Southern Baptist it was quite a long service..but by family request it was held down to about 2 hours to give them time to head up towards Austin where he will be buried on Monday.  His wife Linda seemed to be doing well.  Multiple speakers talked about him during the service.  I read Wallys statement and made a few comments of my own...Think I said he was one hell of a soldier...but hope I said heck.  Them Southern Baptist don't take to cussing too much.  Anyway it was a nice service.  Going to send some flowers down for the funeral From the "Cav". Will miss him.  Those of you who did not make the last reunion and get to see him again really missed out.  Let it be a lesson to all.  Jerry Malan



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