James H. "Platt-Daddy" Platt was the 3rd Platoon sergeant in 1968

Platt-daddy is in the middle of the picture with gray hair.

Thanks for the roster update. Prompted me to get off my ass and call
Sgt. Jim Platt when I saw he had moved to San Diego. Unfortunately, the
address listed is of his eldest son. Platoon Sgt James H. Platt died
November 8, 2008. He was Platoon Sgt., 3rd Platoon, from Carson through
69.   I don't know what else to say about the man other than the fact
that together we worked and built a platoon of men that I will
constantly remember and think of for the rest of my life. I could go
on. I think he was the last of the three original platoon sergeants;
McNeil 1st, Spybuck 2nd, and Platt 3rd. At the reunion we ought to have
a show and tell session about these three. I volunteer to be on the
panel. We could call it Tears, Fears, and Cheers. Each and every one
of them was unique in his own wa
y. Bill McShane

Even though I was in 1st Platoon under Sgt. McNeil , I remember Sgt. Platt
very well. He was the last of the three Platoon Sgts. We used to call McNeil,
Spybuck and Platt   the Three Musketeers. Its strange I thought about Sgt. Platt
yesterday. I'm truly sorry to hear that he passed.

Gene Clark
1st Plt 68-69

He, they, (not speaking for Spybuck because I really don't remember him
drinking) could really pound 'em..I got introduced to bourbon, warm,
straight out of the bottle, at a few card games. Platt loved to play,
and, drink bourbon. Remember talk of checking the bottle bottoms to see
if they were cut and refilled. Hell I drank beer all the time over
there, warm beer. What was it Pabst?. Lined the floor of the track.
Better than that green stuff.
Bill McShane

jazri-@netzero.net wrote:

Blue Max,

That's a great idea. I remember old Mac McNeil well. Now there was a
guy that could drink beer. Old Mac died in 2002 and I really would
have loved to have seen him at a reunion. The old guy knew his shit
and the booze never seemed to effect his judgement.

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