Chester "Chet" Misa was in A 4/12th Cavalry in 1970

Last night, my wife received a call from the sister of Chet Misa. Chet Has died. She left no explanation or return phone number, but I'm writing a card to his address in hopes she will receive it. Chet suffered from alcohol and drug addiction after leaving Viet Nam and returning to the States. He was clean and sober for the last eight years, but was worried about returning to the reunion and "Falling Off the Wagon". Chet finally received a Masters Degree in Psychology and counseled veterans in the Pompano Beach area of Florida. I was glad she called or we would never know what happened to him. I had verified a claim he had with the VA a while back and I guess she found the number. It is a reminder that we should call and check on those who are not on the net or can't attend a reunion. Chet came to the Cav in February 1970 and was a loader on 26. I think he was tranfered to an armor outfit after eight months with the Cav. John Sharpe 5-13-2006

John, I remember Chet, even though we were not in the same platoon. If there is some way condolences can be forwarded to his sister and other family members, please advise. He obviously showed courage and fortitude in ways far beyond what most of us have done, by the manner in which he lived his life, by your description. May he rest in peace. Hank (Gregor)

So sorry to hear about Chet. We spoke last summer on the phone. He was nervous about going to the Reunion last November, -- had to deal with his life style--but had agreed to go. Then, he didn't show up. I tried calling him several times but his number had been changed - non-ublished. I was in Palm Beach last February but I didn't have a valid number, nor could I find an address. He sent me a picture. I'll share it at the next reunion.




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