Staff Sergeant Vilis T Majevskis "Sgt. Mojo" was in the 3rd platoon in 1968-69

As he appeared with his wife, Anna in 2002 during the annual reunion

Here he is in Vietnam on left with "Cap"

Anna Majevskis called me today and stated that SGT Majevskis passed away this January 11. Apparently he was sick for some time 6-7 years. I will send a sympathy card out to her. She stated that she might make the next Vegas reunion so we should keep sending the newsletter. Bob t

Sorry to hear that news. Didn't know he was not well or would have
tried to be in contact. Vilis was an E6 tank commander in the third
platoon, and went over to Vietnam from Carson. I believe he spent time
in a German POW camp camp at the end of WWII. He ran a tight tank, no
messing around, back in from the field, no time off, clean the guns,
maintenance, first. No BS. Quiet but stern. When 38 was being loaded
on a LCU or what ever was on the Cua Viet to go south and support the
101, there was only the driver in it, when I believe the seaman
operating the boat backed off on the power and 38 rolled forward pushing
the LCU back and the tank sank. Vilis I am told stood there in horror.

Where I was at that moment I can't remember. He was a gentlemen.

Bill McShane


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