Big John Macklin was in HQ platoon in 1969-1970


I used to see Big John Macklin at the various bases in our AO because he drove the troop's deuce-and-a-half to the field. He hauled re-supply, and more importantly, hot chow to us field troopers. I always had the impression that he was a very hard worker and very friendly. I didn't really know him, but I saw him around a lot. At the 2004 reunnion in D.C., Smoky Lane told me that he married Big John's sister, whom I met because she attended the reunion with him. Smoky said he wrote to her while he was in 'Nam after John showed him a picture of her. I felt pretty sad that we didn't have a chance to see Big John again when A Troop's Nam Vets re-formed in 2001. Mr. P. Apple.

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