Lt. John C. "Mad Dog" Howell was the 2nd platoon leader 1968-1969


It is with great sadness that I forward to the net an e-mail I received today from Joellyn Howell.  For those that did not know him, John was Mad Dog, platoon leader, second platoon, 68/69, and my closest friend and confident through it all. When I get control of myself I'll try and write more.
Just a quick note to let you know of sadness in the Howell family. John died suddenly of a massive heart attack 11/20. Bill McShane
I believe all of us who served with Lt. Howell remembered him with fondness over the years whenever we thought back to our service with the troop.  I served in the 2nd platoon under "Mad Dog" at Fort Carson and in country.  I had always hoped to meet back with him at a reunion but now that won't be possible.  Even though it has been 40 years since our service together that time does not lessen the sadness brought by this news.  We will include him and his family in our prayers.
John Reedy, 2nd Plt 68-69 

I have nothing but fond memories of Lt. Howell. He was a good officer that I admired and respected. I was on A10 with Charlie Brown. When Charlie Brown left "Mad Dog" took over for a short while and that's how I got to know him personally. Even though he didn't stay long on A10 we became friends and had some great conversations. I'm truly sad to hear this unfortunate news. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Gene Clark

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