Sgt. Danny Hawn was in the 2nd platoon 1970-71


Danny Hawn as he was during the 2013 reunion

Linda and I got home late last night from Danny's funeral in Tenn. It was a beautiful ceremony. It was nice to meet Danny's family and to be there for them and our fallen brother. Bob and Nancy Curnell also attended. I was hoping that Danny could have made one more reunion but it is also good to know that Danny isn't suffering anymore. He fought a long and courageous battle and is now at peace in Fiddlers Green.

Peace, Rag  

I did not serve with him in Vietnam, but when I met him around 2013, I found him to be one of the most centered, kindest human beings I know. He put forth such a aura of solidness. He used to carry the cav flag during our Veteran's Day parades in Las Vegas. I'll miss him for sure.

Aloha! Pineapple.




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