SP4 George W. Alvis Jr. was in the 1st Platoon 1969-1970



I recall asking George to go down in this trench near the DMZ and "check it out." The rest of us just sat on the PC, me in the TC seat and SS back in one of the MG positions when suddenly we heard automatic fire. George was OK and told us that as he walked around a bend, he came face to face with an NVA trooper, they both were at sling arms and both yanked their guns off their shoulders as they quickly backed up. Both fired. We didn't find any sign of the NVA, nor any evidence that he was hurt. Unfortunately, I never got close to him because he was an FNG and I wasn't. Pineapple.

George was a Natinal Guard trooper that was assigned to our Troop arround Jan. 1970. He was older than we all were. He was with me, along with Zeke, Barnes, Styles, the night we were ambushed at Cua Viet... He lived right down the street in Redlands, I was always hoping to see him again. Its a shame and a shame about Sgt. Alexander. wally

"Sergeant Alvis" ... a very good man who would come to me often and speak of the needs and welfare of the men of the platoon. I am sorry to learn of his death. He was a very good man. Hank


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