JOHN C. MOORE , 3rd Platoon, 1969-1970

John Moore is on the ground looking over his left shoulder

received a message today (9-14-2004) that trooper John C Moore from Scott Depot, WV passed to Fiddlers Green March 23, 2004. Sorry to deliver the news of another trooper's passing. Zero

I'm really sorry to hear that John has passed. He moved into the motor pool hooch after coming in from the field, and we became good friends. When we started finding other troopers he was one of the first I located. We talked many times on the phone, but I just couldn't get him to a reunion. John was originally from Belle, WV, then moved to Scott Depot. He worked for years in bridge maintenance for the state. It was a very dangerous job, especially clearing debris from beneath the bridges after a flood. John had heart problems, and I think he had bypass surgery a few years ago. The troop meant a lot to him. I helped him hook up with his friend David July. I hoped to get both of them to join us, but no luck. John had a good family and lived a good life. He and his wife built a home on four acres in the country and he enjoyed the outdoor life. We are all lucky to have had John as a brother trooper. I'll miss him.  Jim C.   


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