Sp4 Jerry Malan aka Mr. Cool/Samson was in the 1st Platoon 1969-1970

Jerry is in the strange hat on the far left

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Holy Shit!

He was way too young for that.  I am really sad to see Jerry go.  He was one of a kind, one of those personalities who I remember well from Vietnam, even though we were in different platoons.  He was a hell of a guy. Look out in Fiddlers’ Green; I know who is organizing the party there this week.  God Speed Jerry.  I miss you.

Jim Good 3 rd Plt 69-70

This is REALLY, REALLY sad....Jerry and I had become buddies over the last few years.....I am really going to miss Jerry, The Troop will not be the same without him...He will really be missed, specially at the Reunions.

Wally Mendoza 1 st Plt 69-70

Jerry was on my tank and was only 17 years old at that time. Will miss my brother. He and I went through a lot together in Nam he was not just a friend he was truly like a brother to me. I only wish he would have told me how serious his problem was. He will truly be missed by me and my family including Chuck. HE'LL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER

“JERSEY” Warren Congleton 1 st Plt 69-70

I am so sorry to hear about Jerry.  Please give our deepest sympathy and prayers to his family. 

Ian Losee 1 st Plt 70-71

What a Bummer!!! He and I have been emailing each other, and Jerry really played it down on how sick he was!! He was always emailing me with jokes and always full of BS!! I will miss him. Now I know why he said he would appreciate the Prayers. May the Good LORD welcome him with open arms!!!!

“The Kid” Mike Davis 1 st Plt 69-70

That is sad news. I remember him at the reunions, a funny guy. My deepest sympathy goes out to Debbie, family and friends.

“Trap” Gray Thrappas 3 rd Plt 70-71

Oh no! I emailed him and he answered just recently, when I found out he was sick. Oh shit! He was one of my close friends in 'Nam. Damn!

“Pineapple” George Gersaba 1 st Plt 69-70

OMG, we are all so much older than we ever imagined. Jerry was a good, good man....glad I knew him and am sure all other troopers are as saddened by this as I am. May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace.

“Hank” Henry Gregor 1 st Plt 69-70

It's a true bummer to loose Jerry, as many have said he is someone you never forget after you meet him. I'll miss you Jerry, the Troop will be diminished with your passing.

Bob Rebbec 2 nd Plt 69-70

Jerry was truly a unique character, and he stood out in a troop full of 'em. Seems like everyone was always comfortable around him. He had a way of drawing people to him, and I'm happy I got to see him at the reunions. A good guy, someone you could count on. I'll miss him.

Jim Clark HQ Plt 69-70

What a great loss for his family and the brotherhood. A great guy. I'll miss his posts, they were always funny. Our prayers are with Deb and the family. Jerry will be sorely missed. See you at Fiddler's Green, Brother Rest in Peace.

“Zero” Dennis Perrino 2 nd Plt 70-71

We are sorry to hear of Jerry’s passing and our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

Stanley Centala 2 nd Plt 71

He was a good friend of mine and he will be missed; lost another Brother. 

Jerry Beverage 2nd Plt. 1970

I can't believe Jerry past away. I was just talking to him a few weeks ago after he got out of the hospital, or should I say through the computer. See you soon.

Nam buddy, “New Yorker” Ron Coronato 1 st 69-70

I just talked to Jerry about a month ago and he seemed pretty upbeat and thought he might this think

Your Brother Ken Dye 1 st Plt 68-69

Jerry was larger than life sometimes; we served together on the same tank for a few months. I moved on to another track in 1 st Plt for the rest of my tour; yet you still knew Jerry was live and kicking. Jerry had a very good habit (for 1 st Plt) of acquiring items of comfort from other units in the area. When we had down time, if you knew where Jerry was you knew there was a party going on or soon would be. At the same time Jerry was pushing the envelope in some areas you knew you did not have to worry about him taking care of business while in the boonies. Jerry’s approach was he did not stand if he could sit down, he did sit down if he could lie down. He was serious when the occasion called for it and he was ready to have a good time when the occasion called for it. Jerry was a Trooper that you could count on. Jerry continued to be the same Trooper as the Troop reformed in later years; behind the scenes he would reach out to assist other Troopers with attending reunions. Not just with finical aid but helping with the mental part of coming to a reunion; ensuring them that the positives out weighted any negatives and how their brothers from Nam where still there brothers today and were looking forward to making them welcome.

“Coop” Charles Cooper 1 st Plt 68-70

I was very sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. He was an outstanding Trooper with a great sense of humor along with his sly smile. My prayers are with Debbie and his family. Rest In Peace, brother.

“J.T.” John Tillman 1 st Plt 70-71

Although Jerry I didn't know each other in Nam he was a hoot to be around at the reunions. And, I'll miss his postings on Topica. I will always remember his smile and mischievous twinkle in his eye. God Bless Jerry Malan, Linda Malan and their family.

“Fergie” Walt Ferguson 1 st Plt 70-71

Jerry was a special man, that's for sure, and he had a big heart that kept on getting bigger, for all troopers, and for this great country of ours.

“Hank” Henry Gregor 1 st Plt 69-70

Amen to that.

Brooks Styles 1 st Plt 69-70

Bigger than life, and one of a kind pretty well describe Jerry. A more thoughtful, considerate, and kind man than many realized. And a wicked sense of humor. I'll really miss him. Jerry was a great guy!

Jim Good 3 rd Plt 69-70

Jerry was a Great Man and a Good Man.We Became Friends  by our emails. I didn't know him in Vietnam. But wish i had meet him he was one in a Million.
This was the Last Message i got from Jerry Malan. I had Called him on the phone. To check on him and he was out and i left a message on his answering machine.This will tell you the Great Person Jerry was.
Jerry,  Got the message on the phone machine.  Thanks for checking on me Bro but no improvement in condition thus far.  Ordered a portable oxygen concentrator so I am not stuck at home or dragging a cylinder with me.  Should be here next week and hope to get out and about soon after.  They say can run on AC or car DC or battery so may just drive up and see you after I get it.  Hope things are good with you.  Your Brother in Arms Forever,  Malan
Jerry Beverage 2nd Plt. 1970



Keith and Linda Eaton (HQ Plt 69-70), Ynasio Reddon (2nd Plt 69-70), Ron “SS” and Karen Chabiel (1st Plt 69-70), and Charles and Barbara Cooper (1st Plt 68-70)

Representing A Troop at Jerry Dale Malan’s Memorial Service July 23, 2011. Service was very well attended by family and friends whom shared stories about Jerry. Keith Eaton shared some very heart felt words with regards to Jerry’s time with A Troop.

Jerry Dale Malan Born   2/12/51    Died 7/19/11


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